SOBHA Hartland Community – Advantages & Disadvantages

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SOBHA Hartland community is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Dubai. It’s known for nice homes, great facilities, and a good spot in Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City. SOBHA Hartland is like a symbol of modern life in Dubai. Let’s look at the good and bad sides of living there by putting together info from different sources.

Pros of Living in SOBHA Hartland Community

Living in SOBHA Hartland has several advantages

1. Great Location by the Water

SOBHA Hartland sits by the water in Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It offers different types of homes like villas, townhouses, mansions, flats, and duplexes.

2. Big and Impressive Villas

The villas in SOBHA Hartland are large, ranging from 5,000 sq. ft. to 17,061 sq. ft. Residents can choose from luxurious living spaces with awesome views of the city, creek, and canal.

3. Lots of Green Spaces and Parks

The community is full of greenery, with a big 22-hectare green area that makes living there calm and peaceful. More than 30% of the land is green spaces, connecting residents with nature.

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4. Smart Location

SOBHA Hartland is in a prime spot, the only freehold community in Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City. It’s easy to get to places like Downtown Dubai, Ras Al Khor, Nad Al Sheba, Business Bay, and other attractions like Burj Khalifa.

5. Impressive Architecture

The community puts a lot of focus on great architecture, making living standards high. Modern buildings, commercial spaces, and shops mix with lots of greenery for an exclusive living feel.

6. Easy to Get Around

Travel is easy with enough parking for everyone. The Business Bay Metro Station is close by, and important roads like Ras Al Khor and Dubai-Al Ain Roads are reachable within 30 minutes.

7. Perfect for Families

SOBHA Hartland is great for families who want roomy living. The community has big apartments with good layouts, perfect for larger families wanting a calm and balanced lifestyle.

8. Everything You Need Daily

Residents have what they need nearby, like supermarkets, places of worship, and good schools. The community makes daily life easy with options for shopping, worship, and education.

9. Lots of Things to See and Do

There are many attractions close by, like the famous Burj Khalifa, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, and Nad Al Sheba residential community. Being near shopping spots like Dubai Mall and Dubai Festival City Mall adds to the overall living experience.

Cons (Points of Consideration) of Living in SOBHA Hartland Community

1. Properties Still Being Built

Even though the community has lots of amenities, it’s essential to know that some homes are still being built and can be bought. Buyers should think about when these properties will be finished.

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2. Not Much Public Transport

While the community is well-connected, there’s not a lot of public transportation inside. People living there might need their own cars for easy travel, especially until the community grows more.

Additional Insights

  • Resident boom likely with >4,000 families now.
  • Green haven with “Greeno Central Park” and “Hartland Greens“.
  • Inclusive community focus continues, supporting Dubai’s growth.


SOBHA Hartland is a really well-planned and nice community in Dubai. It has nice homes, cool things, and a good location. People with families, investors, and those wanting a great lifestyle will really like SOBHA Hartland. It’s a top pick!

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1. What is the Starting Price of SOBHA Hartland?

The starting price is AED 975,000, varying by property type and size.

2. What Amenities are available in SOBHA Hartland Community?

There’s a bunch! CCTV superheroes for safety, play spots for the little champs, a cool community hangout, loads of parking space, a relaxing spa, and even more.

3. Is SOBHA Hartland a good investment? 

Absolutely! It’s like a gold mine of good stuff. Family-friendly vibes, top-notch schools, outdoor adventures, and attractions waving hello just around the corner. Investing here is like hitting the jackpot!

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