7 Top Business Opportunities in Dubai you need to know!

The Best Business opportunities are in Dubai!

If you want to start a new business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, here are:

7 TOP Business Opportunities for your consideration:

IT Solutions

While many businesses in Dubai were already on their digital journey, few had accomplished the transformation goal. However, COVID-19 also pushed other enterprises under the bus. With most activities coming to a standstill, the best business to start in Dubai for entrepreneurs was to go digital.

This makes it an ideal time for tech geeks to act on their online small business ideas.
Dubai Internet City (DIC) and Dubai Media City (DMC) were designed to encourage and establish the IT sector in Dubai. With the rise in demand for digitalization, there is a growing need for IT companies to provide digital solutions. Industries like hospitality, insurance, healthcare, banking, trading, logistics, etc., require IT companies to provide updated solutions.

Providing web-based (websites, e-commerce sites, content management systems, customer relationship management, etc.) and mobile-based solutions (native applications, social media integrations) for these industries is the need of the hour. Hence, starting an IT business in Dubai will yield profits.

Technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) have gained popularity, thanks to the growing population in the UAE and across the globe, in large organizations seeking to upgrade their legacy processes and reduce manual dependency. Technological services were one of the most successful businesses in 2020. Therefore, IT solutions are one of the best businesses to start in Dubai in 2022.


During the pandemic, consumers were quick to adapt to the online mode of browsing and buying. However, their shopping experience has changed.

The trend of people touching, wearing, feeling, and perhaps tasting products before purchase has nearly been halted. With the e-commerce giants dealing with thousands of vendors, large-scale logistics systems, and occasional complications on the digital front, entrepreneurs with online business ideas can go for company registration in Dubai, which is the premier business hub in the Middle East region.

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Digital printing

The printing industry in Dubai has long been grappling with supply chain issues due to mushrooming newcomers and credit period issues caused by clients. However, there could be a silver lining for printers brought about by the ongoing crisis.

The need for labels, printed instructions and stickers, as well as social distancing fit-outs for hospitality, healthcare, entertainment and retail sectors, has created a new demand altogether. Therefore, starting your own digital printing shop in Dubai will prove to be a profitable business to invest in and make good profits.

Digital marketing

Dubai is the business capital of the UAE. It offers opportunities for advertisers across global markets to set up their businesses here. Due to its low taxes and pro-expat policies, Dubai has garnered attention from international as well as local organizations.

The city offers a broad scope for advertising agencies—from TV, print media and billboards to digital media. TV advertising is still popular and the largest in the region. However, the digital market is showing an upward trend, with a growing demand for market research, market analysis and marketing management. In addition, it’s the most aggressively growing business in the UAE.
We are living in a day and age where information and services are available with a few taps on our mobile phones. And so have the strategies for marketing.

The results of traditional marketing methods such as print advertisements or renting hoarding boards are not quantifiable. Whereas the targets achieved by digital marketing and advertising are proven to be much more fruitful. Moreover, the higher education systems have also introduced tech-specific courses. Thus, those possessing such valuable skills should certainly consider making a living out of them.

Tourism services

Dubai has been at the top of travel bucket-lists, witnessing around 16 million tourists visiting the city for various reasons. In addition, the growing population has further diversified cultures and traditions in the Emirates. This includes business, recreation and health. Even during the pandemic, the city was one of the first destinations to open-up to visitors after ensuring that all safety measures and protocols were followed.

Dubai is a paradise for tourists due to its architectural marvels, world-class shopping malls with global brands and overall local and cultural experiences. There are opportunities for a broad spectrum of tourism subsets like leisure, sports, adventure, food and culture. Starting a travel and tourism business is promising as Dubai is emerging and positioning itself as a global tourist destination.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of Dubai, economic activity bounced back quickly enough. In December 2020, the city saw tourists flock here to escape lockdown fatigue. The hotel occupancy rate in Dubai rose to 71% in December. Therefore, small travel business ideas offering niche services for visa processing and lifestyle management are viable.

Consultancy service

About 27,307 business licenses or 64% of the total share, given out by the Dubai Economy were under the professional category. Whether you have a degree in psychology or clinical nutrition or you are qualified to impart interpersonal skills or simply write college essays for applicants, now is the time to execute your business start-up ideas in Dubai.

However, note that even online ventures require company registration in Dubai. One important requirement for setting up any consultancy in Dubai is that the owner of the company should have completed higher education in the same field. For instance, you have to have a professional media degree if you want to start your own media business in Dubai.


Dubai is one of the most robust markets for automobiles, with a high influx of luxury cars. This is due to its low entry barriers like low fuel costs, import tariffs, high per capita income, and favorable tax policies. Therefore, this makes entering the automotive industry one of the best businesses in Dubai.
It offers attractive insurance and financing policies, which makes it easier for consumers to buy cars. There is a continued demand for personal vehicles, which in turn encourages the aftermarket parts industry as there is an increasing trend and interest in the customization of personal vehicles.

Dubai is one of the topmost destinations for business people and investors in the whole Middle East. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in the UAE, then you will have no problems in terms of setting up your business. Masar Al Ameen Team will guide you through the whole process, just you need to contact us to start immediately!!

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