DHA license in Dubai for individuals & facilities – 8 important things  

DHA license

Healthcare professionals in Dubai can obtain a DHA license from the Health Regulation Department of the Dubai Health Authority. To begin their careers, these professionals must have the knowledge necessary to provide healthcare services to citizens of the Emirates. In a similar manner, holding firms must apply for a DHA license in order to open healthcare facilities in the UAE.

What is the DHA license test?

Every doctor who wants to work in the healthcare industry in Dubai and the UAE must pass the DHA licensure exam. In addition, there are 70 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the exam, and you have 2 hours to finish them.

Who is eligible to apply for a DHA license In Dubai?

A permit allowing a person or healthcare facility to provide healthcare services in the Emirates was issued by the DHA license department in Dubai. The person or practitioners who are treating and healing patients using supplementary methods can apply for a DHA license in Dubai.

Following are some categories where a DHA license may be obtained.

  • Nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and physiotherapists are allied health professionals.
  • Physicians and dentists who practice general medicine.
  • Consultants and Experts.

The DHA License in Dubai is available for healthcare institutions, and investors and other delegated agents may apply.

How to apply for a DHA license in Dubai?

To obtain a license for a healthcare facility from DHA, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Obtain the Department of Economic Development’s initial approval and trade name 
  • Signing the civil work agreement and LSA
  • Fill out an online form
  • Send your partner’s paperwork
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • Get ready for a DHA inspection at your facility
  • Active facility licenses are issued with approved requests.

Once your license has been granted, your business must register your medical director and the necessary number of doctors and nurses with the DHA. However, two nurses and at least one doctor often must be hired.

What paperwork is needed to apply for a DHA license?

Here is a list of the paperwork needed to apply for a DHA license in Dubai, including:

  • Passport-size photo
  • Copy of Passport
  • Educational background
  • Certificates of Experience
  • Practicing Permit
  • Health Registration
  • Good Standing Document
  • A surgical logbook with a two-year span must be submitted by surgeons.

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DHA license procedure for healthcare professionals

The following actions must be taken by the experts in order to receive a DHA license after the paperwork has been organized:

  • Utilizing a self-assessment tool to determine eligibility
  • On the DHA’s Sheryan portal, create an ID
  • Clear the pertinent exams, including those for CBT & primary source verification
  • Pay a fee and register on the Sheryan site as a professional
  • Pass the oral test
  • Activate the license following professional registration.

How to apply for a facility license

  • Contact the Department of Economic Development for a trading name and initial approval 
  • Legalize the LSA and the civil work agreement
  • Complete an online form
  • Submit the documents of your partner
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • Make your facilities ready for a DHA inspection
  • The facility license for approved requests is active.

Requirements for DHA licenses for healthcare facilities

The DHA regulates and issues licenses to all kinds of healthcare facilities working in Dubai. Investors and businesses that want to establish, license, and run a medical institution in the emirate must comply with the following rules:

  • A DHA license can be applied for in Dubai by investors and their representatives.
  • It is required to produce copies of each partner’s or owner’s passport.
  • Engineering design from a company that specializes in engineering.
  • Create the facility proposal that must be filled out on the application.
  • Department of Economic Development trade license (DED).

Documents needed to apply for an Individual DHA License

Before submitting an application for a DHA license in Dubai, those with professional qualifications in the pertinent subject must acquire specific documentation. They can simplify the process by enlisting the aid of business establishment consultants in Dubai. The following is a list of some of the required documents:

  • passport-sized photos
  • copy of current passports
  • professionals must be licensed and registered with the establishment
  • if the applicant is 65 years or older, a valid medical fitness report is required
  • valid insurance against medical malpractice
  • genuine labor card (for non-UAE nationals)
  • remit unpaid fines (if applicable)
  • logbook for Surgeons applying for part-time license in a Day Surgery Center or Hospital and licensed in an Outpatient Healthcare Facility for more than 2 years

Establishing a business in Dubai has never been simple. However, it is possible to complete it without any issues if all the conditions are completed and the instructions are completely followed.

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