Brilliant entrepreneur vs wise businessman, top differences between them!

This shiny word “entrepreneur” involves many meanings beyond. It’s a different way of business rather than traditional thought of businessman. Here, in this article, we are going to share differences with you that will help a lot to decide exactly which way is yours; in case: you, like me, are very interested in money world. 

Entrepreneur vs businessman

First of all, what is business? 

The word “Business” simply is used to explain any activity that aims to make money. Business world is full of ideas and ways. According to the way you take, you will be an entrepreneur or a businessman. 

To understand the difference between them, let’s take any service available for you as an example. For example, Uber service: the one who firstly think about that idea is an entrepreneur, the others who invest or duplicate the idea are businessmen. 

Differences between Entrepreneurs and Businessman

Entrepreneur is the person who creates an idea which is absolutely awesome and highly needed. He follows his incredible passion about that idea, takes very high risk, and has a strong vision. Simply he is the one who creates his own way in the market. 

Businessman is the person who can apply trade ideas wisely, calculate benefits clearly, has a determined plan, and he likes to avoid risks. He just accepts the low risk ideas. 

That is why first one seeks always for partners, otherwise the second has many competitors as he chooses already successful ideas in the market. 


Is it better to be an entrepreneur or a businessman?!

Now I can help you to evaluate and choose the more suitable category for you. Just a minute! Bring a pen and paper first, then continue reading. 

Draw a table with four columns (as shown below), put those items in the first column: (The idea – Risk – Passion – Relationship with customers – Vision – Plan – Making money) 

In this part, give a score of each item for yourself either it’s like 1 or 2. 

Items EntrepreneurBusinessman Your own score 
The idea NewDuplicated  
Risk Very high Low Risk  
Passion Is a must Optional 
Relationship Has Partners Has competitors  
Vision Is a must Previously shown  
Plan No plan Determined  
Making money Second priority First priority  

Now, calculate your own score and check: the score more than 50% of any category, that can be your suitable choice. Go ahead!

Another step that also helps is to watch carefully successful examples in each way. The King of entrepreneurship worldwide is Elon Musk and the legend of that world is Steve Jobs. There are many of entrepreneurs everywhere, you can read about many of their success stories. 

Regarding businessmen, Mohamed Alabbar is one of best and very successful examples in MENA region and the world. He is Emirati.

The good news is: it doesn’t matter wherever you are now, you can achieve amazing dreams and success in the future. Many of very successful icons started almost from scratch. It’s a matter of willingness.

Catching the opportunity, commitment, good learners, very good communication skills, self development all these items are extremely important for you whatever your decision. 

One of the helping tools here is being in Dubai where the core place of entrepreneurship and business hub in the region. Of course, being among successful people helps a lot to be successful too. Besides many facilities which are available for all entrepreneurs, businessmen and even investors.   

How to guarantee success!?

Any entrepreneur or businessman thinks about that question before starting. That is logically somehow. But each one deals differently with the answer. Entrepreneurs start their journey with absolutely no guarantee, the businessman doesn’t start until getting a satisfying level of success guarantee. Anyway, to guarantee success, just keep trying. That is the secret to success in every field. I believe in a quote: “Don’t dream for success, but work for it”. Then definitely success will find you.  


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