Remarkable Catering Business in Dubai – 6 steps comprehensive guide

Catering Business in Dubai

A catering business in Dubai provides food services in a hotel, at events, or on different occasions. Dubai is popular for its variety of food and cuisines. The food industry in Dubai is huge as it offers world-famous food dishes. This is why it is a remunerative business in Dubai.

Foreign investors interested in the hospitality industry in the UAE can set up various types of businesses in any emirate. However, Dubai is one of the most sought touristic destinations in the UAE, therefore starting a restaurant or any other type of food business can bring significant income to an investor.

Compared to setting up any other type of food business, the catering business is cheaper to set up in Dubai. There are advantages for an entrepreneur. Dubai has many prosperous and busy professionals who are part of food deliveries.

Furthermore, there are fewer taxes in Dubai. Dubai is a fast-growing economy which is beneficial for entrepreneurs and business investors. It is a success in the world of food and beverages. It creates a vast opportunity to show their skills.

In fact, investors can also avail of free-zones benefits. Hence, this is beneficial for catering to investors. Moreover, there is low import duty. This creates a non-hassle for transportation. In Dubai, there are infinite opportunities for catering businesses. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on trading locations as well. An applicant can apply for many visas.

A comprehensive guide to initiating Catering Business in Dubai

After planning to start a catering business in Dubai, this thought will come to your mind how to start a catering business in Dubai? To initiate a catering business in Dubai, clear and complete guideline is required. The following procedure must be followed for initiating a catering business in Dubai:

  • Decide a business structure and activity
  • Select a location and business name
  • Targeting the audience
  • Apply for the license
  • Rent a kitchen
  • Open a bank account

Step 1: Decide a business structure and activity

Firstly, you have to make sure that your business has a proper structure. The catering business has several sectors. How will you manage all your orders? A well-stabled and established catering business will flourish. In this way, this catering business will flourish.

The number of staff you will need to hire must also be decided. Your catering business structure in Dubai will direct the amount of your control on the business with the responsibilities. After this, you can focus on the next step.

Step 2: Select a location and business name

Location is important as it is a place where your catering business will operate. A perfect location will be close to your warehouse and factories. Hence, the transportation costs will be reduced.

You will have to apply to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) or the respective free zone authority. Moreover, you have to decide on a suitable business name. The name must reflect the activity of the business.

The name of the business must not be offensive and irrelevant. Dubai has some strict rules and regulations regarding this. Thus, the name of God must not be used in the business name.

Step 3: Targeting the audience

The next step is to target the audience. It is essential to attract customers to the catering business in Dubai. Who will you cater your food too? Your efficient catering business in Dubai must make sure that you provide a unique menu to your customers.

In this way, several customers will be attracted to the business. How does your catering business different from others in Dubai? For this, you will have to offer different and delicious food to the customers.

You can also target customers through marketing. You can handle social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. It will seek the attention of the customers more and more.

Step 4: Apply for the license

After deciding on your catering business structure, you can easily apply for a license in Dubai. This is needed to operate your lucrative business in Dubai. You will need the relevant documents to submit for acquiring a license. The following credentials are required to submit to the legal authorities:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Passport copies of the investors
  • Entry visa and copy of stamp pages

In your application, you must have to provide the plan of your floor plan, entrance, and exit details, windows and ventilation, storage areas, cleaning facilities, and many more things. Furthermore, there should be information about the equipment and machinery which you will use for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Moreover, you will have to share other significant details as well. You will have to make sure that your business fulfills all the regulations in UAE’s “Food Code”. Now, you will have to take consent from the food control department. For this, you will have to submit a health card to them.

Step 5: Rent a kitchen

After you have submitted the documents and received your license, you now have to rent a kitchen. Thus, you will need a decent and clean kitchen. It must be spacious where things can be stored.

On the other hand, it must be spacious as well. This is because there will be several staff members who will have to prepare food. In addition, you will have to consider other requirements like the size of the business as well.

This process also requires an agreement with Ejari. (If you want to apply for Ejari only, write a message here). There would be a need to register with Ejari and sign a tenancy agreement. Thus, this is vital for the business set-up as well.

Step 6: Open a bank account

Likewise other businesses, your productive catering business will require a corporate bank account. This will be helpful in making and receiving payments.

Moreover, you will need a bank account for the documentation to apply for the visa and license. For the recruitment of the employees, there will be a need to sponsor their visas as well.

Cost of the Catering Business in Dubai

The cost of the catering business varies due to various factors. This depends on the size of the business, the infrastructure, and on the nature of the business. Hence, a catering business in Dubai can cost from 20.000 AED to 35.000 AED for the business voucher only.

In conclusion, you can take the advice of the experts and professionals in Dubai. Their expertise can assist you in beginning your new venture in Dubai. In addition to this, you must prepare a proper scheme for the new beginning.

Moreover, you must follow the steps for the set-up of a popular catering business in Dubai. This should be done to avoid any mistakes.

If you want to initiate a catering business in Dubai then, Masar Al Ameen, one of the best and top consultants is here to help you figure out the things regarding the initiation of a catering business.

Best of Luck!

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