Global Village, 1 of the top 5 amazing places to visit worldwide! 

Global Village is opening soon!

Every year at the start of the Autumn season, the arrangements for winter tourism in Dubai are in full swing. One of the top 5 amazing unique places to visit worldwide is Global village which is going to annual opening soon. That idea started in 1997 to introduce one place that has partitions for almost every part of the world. 

Global village
Global village

Why it is highly recommended to visit

Global village is considered one of the top 5 places to visit worldwide. It welcomes millions of visitors every year. One of the most popular places people prefer to spend time there. That is of course because of many reasons.

  • It’s a family destination par excellence. 
  • Great variety of attractions like international different restaurants and an astonishing carnival. 
  • A full world of entrainment and fun. 
  • Cultural experiences from 80 countries around the world in 26 partitions. 
  • You can join and enjoy many adventures. 
  • It has a lot of competitions and valuable prizes.

Season 27

This year, 2022, we are going to celebrate the 27th season of Global village seasons. Every year you have a great chance to enjoy Global village for whole  6 months. This year, the Global village will open its doors for visitors from 22 October 2022 to 23 April 2023. With unbelievable promises to make your visit memorable. 

Imagining tour at that incredible place

By wearing comfortable clothes and having an exciting spirit, let’s start our tour. The Global Village is located in Dubai, at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, after parking your car at the designated place, let’s enter from the Gate of the world which is the main entrance gate. To make it easy, try to arrange attractions in a list somehow.

First, we can start with international shows. An extraordinary dose of entertainment for almost everyone, kids also have a lot of shows of their favorite characters like PJ masks and Peter Rabbit performances. Besides, there are many street artists, fireworks shows, and fountains. 

Don’t miss Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum, the region’s first “Odditorium” that includes more than 50 interactive exhibitions and curiosities. 

Regarding the Dining, in the middle of your tour, you can enjoy flavors from all over the world. Whether you prefer street popular food or very luxurious restaurants. All are there waiting for you. 

After eating and enjoying different attractions and shows, now it’s time for shopping. Like every year, many retail brands all over the world will set up their pavilions to present their business. Countries like: Turkey, Pakistan, Yemen, China, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Thailand, Russia, Japan, India, and of course UAE, all and more are there offering amazing and suitable products. This bazaar-style festival can easily offer you a shopping paradise. 

Finally, we can say that Global Village is the best place to create memories, watch different cultures and feel the perfect meaning of “we are one planet”.

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Timing and tickets

From Monday till Thursday: from 4:00 pm till 12:00 am 

From Friday till Sunday: from 4:00 pm till 1:00 am 

Tuesday is the day for families and women. In case of not being an official holiday. 
The Global Village welcomes people with limited abilities or handicapped. They are welcome for free with only one companion.

Also, it’s great to find all Global Village corridors, suites and facilities are designed to provide customized, and flexible spaces for them to make their tour available and easier.
You can find all services needed including, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, rent service, baby care, goods carriers and a car wash.
Different categories of tickets are available for visitors:

  • Ordinary ticket: it’s available online or at gate.
  • Children less than 3 years or elderly more than 65 years can get free tickets.
  • People of Determination with one carer -as we mentioned above- can enter for free.
  • There are some VIP packages: (Silver package – Golden package – Platinum package – Diamond package)
  • Note: (All VIP packages for season 27 are already sold out).
  • Pets are not allowed in the Global village.
  • There is no specific dress code but you must commit to determining rules for all men and women like covering the trunk, thighs, and shoulders.
  • No hoverboards, tricycles, bicycles, roller skates or skateboards are allowed inside the Global Village.

Winter tourism in Dubai

Winter tourism here is different
Winter tourism here is different

A few weeks separate us from the winter season, the coldest one starting officially from December till March. During this season, winter tourism is popular around the world with all activities related to ice somehow. But in Dubai, you can enjoy tourism in winter in very attractive weather. The mild climate of this geographical region helps a lot to give you different experiences during your visit in Dubai.

We recommend Global Village not only as the best choice to spend time with your family but also, for the good suitable weather you will feel. That is why millions of people don’t hesitate to visit Dubai every winter. Arrange for your trip now. It’s just few days and Global Village starts the magic.

As we mentioned a lot of attractions inside the Global Village deserve to be visited, and many visitors plan to go there for two or three days to discover all parts. If your stay in Dubai is for several days, don’t worry! You can enjoy other astonishing ideas to do, and incredible places to visit.

Do your own list, share the article, invite a friend, and achieve your dream. 

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