7 reasons why you must hurry up with visiting EXPO till the end of March 2022?

What has always been on your to-do list before you die? Have you ever made one? Or, simply, you are still only thinking about it without any action? Some people love to travel all around the world, do the backpacking trip for a year, some are thrill-seekers and want to jump from the sky. Others find it very interesting to hug a koala or face quiet but scary lions in Africa. Many of the above you can do in Dubai.

EXPO 2020

First of all, till 31st of March 2022 Dubai is running the world’s largest EXPO in the whole century – EXPO 2020. As a big fan of Dubai itself and its all technological, environmentally-friendly, commercial and leisure inventions, EXPO 2020 is an event that connects all dimensions of people’s entertainment in one

EXPO 2020

a place that will last in your memory for a lifetime. Some information about the EXPO 2020: for the first time in the history of the Expos, each and every single

country has its own pavilion. Additionally, over 200 countries, international organisations, educational institutions and companies are participating in the event. For the last, we are still counting, but I am sure that this Expo will achieve the largest number of visits in the world.

The weather

Second of all, the weather! The weather in Dubai is this feature that brings or scares away a lot of tourists. Yet, the end of March is still the perfect season for all tropical island – holiday lovers. The mornings are covered with a little sea

breeze and the afternoons are hot but you are surrounded by chilly seawater or warm pool drops that can refresh you anytime. The nights are very mild and pleasant to go around and discover Dubai fountains, Burj Khalifa or Dubai frame.

Museum of the Future

Thirdly, we have just opened The Museum of the Future. The Museum builds on the visionary culture that has transformed the UAE into one of the world’s most advanced nations in less than 50 years. It is a showcase for the spirit of courage, optimism and innovation that propels Dubai forward. Like Dubai as a

city itself, the Museum is a place of tolerance, inviting varied cultural, philosophical, social and spiritual outlooks. Their imagined futures are rooted in the values of the UAE and the Arab world. Still on my to-do list to visit this visionary place but from all my friends and colleagues’ recommendations, who have already visited the Museum, I am so eager to do it as soon as possible. Especially since all tourists and most of the residents are still exploring the Expo 2020

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Desert Safari

Additionally, we have Desert Safari – one of our tourists’ favourite attractions. In the beautiful sunshine in the horizon, shining dunes will make unforgettable memory from your stay in Dubai. National folklore dancing,

singing and performing groups will entertain you to the maximum and delicious local food will definitely fill your stomach. Of course, if you like lamb – the typical Arabic kind of food. Don’t worry! If you are a veggie – veggie type of food lover, delicious salads will also do their work! 


The fifth thing that I cannot stress more about, is Dubai’s safety. Dubai as one of the safest cities in the world welcomes everyone to spend their staycation, holidays or make a lifelong living settlement with a guaranteed safe and high-quality surveillance system. When my kids go to school by bus, I always feel so calm and quiet about their safety. When some other kids would like to get lost,

Dubai Police

after only a few seconds, they are back with their parents thanks to great communication and surveillance system in most public places. Many times it happened to my kids – when they lost some precious things from their belongings and we discovered it only after reaching home, calling to Lost & Found of each Mall, gives you a huge relief over your worries and makes you calm down immediately. What is happening afterwards? They invite you to their office and give you back your untouched belongings. And I am talking here about both: small and very expensive valuables. This thing gives you real relief over your little heart attack while you discover missing things.

Sky Dive, Ain Dubai

What is more – what can attract you to come to Dubai still before the end of the

Sky Dive

March? Well, there is plenty of both: new and old attractions that can attract you to come and visit Dubai. Thrill-seekers might be excited to go and jump from a few thousand feet in Sky Dive Dubai having in memory spectacular The Palm and whole JBR coast view. Other ones can enjoy a slow but massive Ferris Wheel drive called Ain Dubai, reaching the highest view from 250m. We have got zip lines and a restaurant in the sky. In fact, I have taken my husband recently to this flying restaurant and even though we are quite brave people, we felt a bit scared over there at the 50m above the ground couldn’t enjoy the food and

view to the maximum. Indeed, we learn about the world and about ourselves by touching or by experiencing some situations the most.

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The last and at the same time the most favourite reason why you should rush and come to Dubai immediately is the international diversity of cuisine! As a little „Gourmand”, the person who loves to eat and try new dishes every now and then, Dubai offers a wide variety of extremely tasty plates from all over the world. We can find all types of Arabic food and dishes from every single Arabic country. My second favourite food is everything related to Italy: pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, lasagna or pizza.

All of it, can be reached at every single street corner! Thai, Chinese, Iranian, American burgers, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, French, Spanish, African food and many others, with my Polish „Pierogi” on top can be found in my beautiful city – Dubai!

Summarising, Dubai is one of the safest, most welcoming and most diversified cities all over the world. Anytime whenever you come to visit it, it will surprise you with beautiful moments and unforgettable memories. Nothing more than just book your flight and come to Dubai!

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