Golden visa in the UAE – amazing benefits, regulations, and prices

What is a Golden visa and who can obtain it? The Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa that enables foreign talents to live and work or study in the UAE for up to 10 years. This golden residency scheme is renewable and reserved for certain categories ranging from investors to individuals with exceptional talents. […]

e-Trader in Dubai – useful guidebook for Online Sellers

e-Trader (e-Commerce license) in Dubai An e-Trader license is meant for home-grounded individualities or entrepreneurs who vend products and services via social media platforms like Instagram. Department of Economic Development (DED) introduced the E-trader license in Dubai to regulate the deals of online goods vented via social media websites. This regulation helps to check the […]

Super top trendy: fashionable Clothing Business in Dubai

Clothing business in Dubai Clothing businesses are one of the most popular types of businesses to start. This is because people always need clothes, and there is a wide range of clothing options to choose from. Starting a clothes company could be a terrific way to leverage your talents and creativity into a job if […]

Constructive business in Dubai – 6 secrets of how to create it

Secrets of how to create a constructive business in Dubai Have you ever questioned why the majority of investors adore the UAE and long to build their constructive business in Dubai? You might have realized that Dubai has the largest economy on the planet. There are many aspects that make the UAE a country with […]

6 super prostych kroków, by założyć firmę w Dubaju

W tym temacie pomówimy trochę o krokach, jakie należy poczynić, by założyć firmę w Dubaju: sposobie na założenie firmy w Dubaju, podatkach, patentach, zarządzaniu i marketingu oraz ogólnie rzec biorąc – procesie założenia firmy na terenie ZEA. Czy denerwuje Cię polski rząd, ciągła zmienność cen, stanie w kolejkach w urzędach, inflacja oraz nieustanny wzrost polskich […]

Outstanding Real Estate Channel Partner Event

Masar Al Ameen Group has been created to deliver the best solutions for businessmen, help them to develop financially, as well as individually. As we are growing, we have launched the cooperation with our Real Estate Channel Partners. It resulted in our Team being increased by Real Estate agents that have beautiful offers to provide […]

Essential Knowledge during Business Set-Up Training at Masar Al Ameen Group

Masar Al Ameen Group is divided into 3 sections: Masar Al-Ameen Business Solutions for Businessmen Masar Al-Ameen Portal and Masar Al-Ameen IT Services. Masar Al Ameen Business Solutions for Businessmen has exceeded our expectations in the speed of growth as we created the training: “How to become Professional Business set-up Consultant?” The course was held […]