Essential Knowledge during Business Set-Up Training at Masar Al Ameen Group

Masar Al Ameen Group is divided into 3 sections:

  • Masar Al-Ameen Business Solutions for Businessmen
  • Masar Al-Ameen Portal and
  • Masar Al-Ameen IT Services.

Masar Al Ameen Business Solutions for Businessmen has exceeded our expectations in the speed of growth as we created the training: “How to become Professional Business set-up Consultant?” The course was held from 22nd to 28th of April 2022 at the headquarters of Masar Al Ameen Group. There were 35 participants attending the education session personally or through zoom. Our new Business Consultants comes from countries like China, Russia, Tunisia, France, Lebanon, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Egypt, India, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Vietnam, Mexico or Columbia.

The intensive program included advanced knowledge about:

  • 6 steps how to set up business in Dubai
  • Legal forms of business in UAE
  • Immigration services
  • Mainland vs Freezones
  • 7 main Emiratis Economic Departments
  • Several Free Zones available in UAE
  • Digital Marketing and
  • IT Services.

Apart from general knowledge, we offered our trainees subjects as:

  • Professionalism in Business
  • Customer service
  • Selling techniques
  • Social media and
  • Closing the sell session.

The training was split into 2 parts:

  1. Indoor sessions conducted by our Expert Team Members and Guests and
  2. Outdoor sessions conducted at the headquarters of our Channel Partners.

I believe that intense course that we provided our Business Consultants with, will help them to be professional, knowledgeable and without any problem deal with any challenges or Clients. Inspired by motivated Shining Stars, as I used to call them, I am already planning Training nr 2 being conducted soon.

Outdoor sessions

Outdoor sessions included trip to Meydan Free Zone Authority at the Meydan Hotel, in Dubai and second trip to IFZA in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Both Free Zones Representatives were very hostable and showed us around their property. The amount of knowledge that we received was greatly appreciated! We got well motivated to start working right away!

In IFZA, we were awarded with beautiful certificates. After finishing the training, while signing the agreement with Masar Al Ameen, each participant received their own Masar Al Ameen certificate honored their attendance.

The event was great success. The business environment was spread around all our trainees, the ambiance of cozy styled office helped get rested and the people themselves, our New Business Consultants, have become “good to go” to shine in the global business area.

I would like to thank my Team Members and all our Participants for attending such a motivational week full of knowledge!

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Table of Contents