Top 30 exciting places to visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa by night

We would like to categorize the Top 30 worth visiting places in Dubai into 4 main categories to help you choose the best destination for your passion and entertainment.

First category of Top 30 worth visiting places in Dubai is for Architecture lovers:

  • Burj Khalifa: one of most iconic worth visiting places worldwide, it’s considered the tallest building in the world since 2010. You can enjoy the whole city seeing from the top and to try skydiving that needs very brave heart and it can promise you with amazing shots of adrenaline and non forgettable memories.
  • Burj Alarab: that amazing building is also named: Arab Sail because its astonishing design which inspired from Ship Sail. It contains one of most luxurious hotels worldwide and many other worth visiting places like: Atrium including its attractive fountain, the Aquarium and Cascade waterfall besides many other entertainment services like restaurants and cinemas.
  • Dubai frame: one of unique recent attractive ideas for entertainment worldwide. It’s designed to present Dubai combining the past and the present. One of visitors said: I had a great feeling when I want to take a selfie there, I felt as I was a part of the whole modern photo of the city. That was touching, and I really recommend this place to visit.
  • Dubai mall: huge luxurious mall including all kinds of shops and service you can imagine. If you intent to visit Dubai mall, schedule more then one day to enjoy the whole mall.
  • Ain Dubai: one of recent worth visiting places in Dubai, it’s not only to enjoy very tasty different dishes at many restaurants there, but also to take your meal while watching panoramic view of the magical city.
  • Cayan Tower: it is one of best symbols of architecture miracle, very luxurious and important place. It attracts businessmen as its commercial importance in real estate field.

Second category of Top 30 worth visiting places in Dubai is for Art lovers:

  • Dubai Opera: with a very unique design that inspired by Marine designs like old ships side by side with updated ones. Dubai Opera is Arts’ Center offering different programs all over the year. Any art lover will enjoy a lot of non forgettable moments there.
  • Dubai Museum : one of oldest buildings in Dubai, it contains many photos and paintings describing how life in old Emirates was. It’s placed in Al Fahidi Fort. You can have a look to more than 3000 years old pieces. Some details regarding Pearls’ business also has a sector there.
  • Etihad museum : this museum is a perfect place for who like to know the chronology of historical era starting from past till 1971 when UAE was declared for first time as United States. The content of museum focuses more on era from 1968 till 1974.
  • Dubai Street museum: it’s a project for all art professional to introduce their arts in attractive different ways. Artists from all over the worlds shares their works. If you are interested in that kind of art I recommend works of these artists: French artist Seth Globepainter, Chinese contemporary artist Hua Tunan, Case Maclaim, and Lithuanian Artist Ernest Zacharevic
  • Museum of Illusions: it’s the best place mixing science with fun. Incredible tricky place full of fun and attraction. Whatever your age, I am sure you will enjoy it
  • Dubai coffee museum: if you like coffee like me, you will attracted somehow to this amazing place. You can find every thing about coffee history in UEA. How it’s arrived to the Arabian region coming mainly from Ethiopia. And a big collection of coffee utensils with very traditional designs that reflect the Arabian culture.
  • Museum of the future: it’s like Gem of all Dubai worth visiting places. Completely Astonishing place with many sectors. For me, the journey to the future section is the best. Outstanding feelings!

Third category of Top 30 worth visiting places in Dubai is for seaside lovers:

Here some attractive places especially for hydrophilic people. As well known that water can give you relaxing feeling. So, pick up your favourite place from the following:

  • Dubai Atlantis aqua-venture water park: this place offers you a time full of excitement. You can enjoy water in different ways with great shots of Adrenaline inside your body. Laughing, swimming, capturing memorial photos and sharing friends with water games; all are there waiting for you.
  • Dubai aquarium and Underwater zoo: one of largest suspended aquarium all over the world. Showing the visitors many of ocean marvels and the only place where you can sea shark in slow dance show with a diver! Don’t panic, both are well trained.
  • Wild Wady water park: another place full of water games. It’s little bit calmer than Atlantis aqua venture. Atlantis is suitable more for adults, and Wild Wadi is better for younger and children.
  • Dubai Dolphinarium: for all who love dolphins, those amazing and friendly creatures with incredible intelligence that make them on top of animals which are involved in shows
  • scuba diving in Dubai: Diving is a great and complete adventure, where you can explore your self before exploring other underwater parts. If you haven’t dived before, it’s time to learn it and try it.
  • Kite beach: this place has childish feelings that attracts you whatever your age. Preparing your kite, starting to make it fly, and follow the kite direction are steps of happiness at that beach. There, you will enjoy different colourful cheerful designs. Don’t miss this childish adventure.
  • Jumeirah beach: the main beach of Dubai sightseeings with its historical Arabian design. This place includes very luxurious hotels and services that enables you to live unexpected outstanding experience.
  • Dubai marine: for luxurious water activities like yachts, jet ski, fly board, and surfing.
  • La Perle by Dragone: this place is a beautiful combination between art and water. You can enjoy unique adventure deeply inside a wonderful fantasy world during the shows presented on its theatre stage.

Fourth category of Top 30 worth visiting places in Dubai is for gardens and parks lovers

  • Miracle garden: the largest and the most beautiful ever. I felt amazed among that number of flowers arranged in very interesting shapes. This garden includes the highest number of flowers ever. It has a record number in Guinness book.
  • Global village: it includes different designs reflecting all unique Archaeological sites from all over the world. It introduces a world wide tour in few hours.
  • Bollywood park: very especial place for whom are interested in Indian culture and Bollywood world.
  • Legoland Dubai: when I was a child, Lego cubes were my favourite game. This place is a gate for Lego in real. It evokes memories easily and offers happiness for all ages.
  • Butterfly garden: full of butterflies from many species.
  • IMG worlds of adventure: a wonderful place that promises visitors with different level of excitement.
  • VP park Dubai mall: one of best virtual reality park for family entertainment. Very suitable for whom who are interested in electronics.
  • Dubai Garden Glow: it’s completely fantastic place. The perfect place to experience the magic of lights. That will glow your inside.

Other worth visiting places in Dubai rather than the previous 30 places:

If you have visited the previous mentioned places before or even still looking for a worth visiting place, we can recommend some other amazing places:

  1. Dubai desert reserve
  2. Courtyard playhouse
  3. Cinema museum
  4. Albastakiya
  5. Dubai creek
  6. Dubai gold souk
  7. Saed al Maktoum house
  8. OliOli
  9. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Alserkal Avenue
  11. Mall of Emirates
  12. Laguna water park
  13. Dubai Autodrome
  14. Dubai Spice Souks
  15. Ibn Battuta Mall
  16. Dubai safari park
  17. Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club
  18. Safa park
  19. Dubai International Finance Centre
  20. The Third Line
  21. Dubai design district
  22. Meydan Racecourse
  23. Al Quoz gallery
  24. Dragon Mall in Dubai
  25. Zabeel Park
  26. Green Planet

Whenever you decide to start your tour, welcome to Dubai: the land of magic.

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