Dubai, where the dreamland and magic is


What is the dreamland?

Everyone has his own description of word “dreamland” . Me, for example, that word brings back all fantasy memories where magic happens and all dreams come true. Whatever our age, We feel euphoric and comfortable immediately when living any dream or even imagine that living. So, let’s do a simple task to get my point about the meaning of “dreamland”.
Take a world map, unfold it and search carefully for a very small spot almost in the heart of the world. Yes, make a zoom. It’s Dubai, a small city and part of United Arab of Emirates. And let’s check out what is going there. Dubai, is exactly a real example that can be considered “dreamland” for many.

Dubai is a perfect place to setup your business.

In Dubai, every single thing is astonishing and incredible. Simply, because every single thing came from nothingness. Historically, the real prosperity of Dubai has started since 1966 G when the petroleum was discovered. Since then till now, there is a wonderful combination between the past and the future. You can recognise the non stoppable improvement immediately when you visit Dubai. I visited Dubai 3 times within two years, every time I got the same feeling of amazement. Every time, there is new technology added, new incredible building finished, new worthy places to visit written in my visit list, new ideas achieved and new level of luxury being available.

It’s very noticeable to see many nationalities live and visit Dubai every year. That is one of most important factors which attracts others to keep coming. Also, Feeling safe and enjoy different ways of life is deserved to be felt one day.

Regarding business, you can consider Dubai one of best choices worldwide especially for entrepreneurs and businessmen who are interested in real estate business. Dubai market can offer you amazing and suitable options and benefits. You can check them all in business setup in Dubai article.

Dubai, where entertainment is at very luxurious level.

When you think about adventure and entertainment, Dubai is irresistible place. Although it’s a small land but has a long visit list. There, you watch the unbelievable man power. Just imagine, this land was dessert! Just desert with nothing attractive and difficult climate to stay! Now, it’s a pearl of gulf. It’s completely astonishing and very well designed to be always in line with modern technology. Every spot there is an evidence that dreams come true. Dubai can teach you to hold on your dreams. Because, dreams come true. You will find Top 30 places that are highly recommended to enjoy at that article.

Is Dubai suitable to move after retirement?

Moving from past to future is a unique combination, that helps a lot to think seriously about visiting, investing or even living there. The last few years, Dubai is like a magnet for many, especially who want to retire. They choose Dubai on top of list because of theses reasons:

  • Tax free
  • Very safe
  • Great infrastructure and services
  • Amazing technology
  • Not expensive
  • Has many cultural places to visit
  • Unprecedented level of luxurious life.
  • Multiple nationalities and languages
  • Almost in the middle of the world that make traveling to east or west easy.
  • Attractive combination between eastern and western culture.
  • Health sector is one of the best in the MENA region and gulf.
  • Desert

Do you like desert!?

Either you like desert or not, no doubt that you will enjoy Dubai desert to the max. It’s magical, with all the meanings of the word. For example, Dubai desert reserve is good enough to prove that. There, where you can enjoy very relaxing time using air conditioning inside one of Modern tents with Arabian design full of all services needed simply like any 5 stars luxurious hotel. At the same time, you can watch wildlife in real, birds, animals and sand. Also desert safari is available and recommended. Many other recommendations are mentioned in other articles.

There is no wonder that Dubai is now one of top 10 cities worth visiting. Finally, I advise you to check your passport, pack your bags, buy a flight ticket then enjoy incredible memorable experience in Dubai, where the dreamland is. And don’t forget the desert!

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