Exquisite Tourism Business in Dubai – 6 steps procedure

Tourism business in Dubai has a high benchmark due to its moderate weather, warm beaches, architecture, and leisure activities. The beautiful venues are the main reason to draw the attraction tourist.

In addition, Dubai is one of the largest shopping destinations all over the globe. Not surprisingly, the number of tourists visiting Dubai is constantly increasing. It is giving rise to the tourism industry in Dubai.

Do you want to invest in the tourism industry in Dubai? This type of business in Dubai gives huge opportunities to new investors. It is the best location to set up a tourism business. The tourism industry in Dubai is rarely affected negatively due to any factor. It is a worth able business in Dubai.

Subsequently, initiating a tourism business in Dubai is advantageous for several reasons. There are friendly policies for real business investors in Dubai. Thus, these policies are not strict. Moreover, there is promising growth for your entity. This is the reason for the increase in the number of tourists every year.

Procedure to set up a Tourism Business in Dubai

Thus, it is easy to set up as well. Therefore, planning a travel and tourism trade industry in Dubai requires certain procedures. For this, the following steps must be followed for a complete procedure:

  • Select your business name
  • Register your tourism business
  • Apply for the license
  • Consultancy
  • Rent a space for your office
  • Marketing

Step 01: Select your business name

First of all, it is a necessary step for starting a tourism business in Dubai to decide on a trading name for your business. A unique name will give a proper identity to your business. According to the rules and regulations of the government of Dubai, the name of the business must not be offensive.

Furthermore, it must not comprise any name of God. Thus, it must be attractive and be able to draw the attention of the customers. After selecting a suitable name, approach Tasheel’s center’s economic development.

Here, you will have to submit your business name. Afterward, you will obtain authorization for setting up a corporation in Dubai. Next, complete the paperwork at any typing center and get all the stakeholders to sign it. Submit this form to the Department of Economic Development.

Step 02: Register your business

For operating your tourism business in Dubai, you will have to register your business. Department of Economic Development (DED). The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority that issues tourism licenses in Dubai. You have to apply in the requisite format to the authority.

Furthermore, you will have to submit the important documents including all the approvals from the government of Dubai. In addition, you will have to register your business with Dubai Tourism and Commercial Department. The business activities can be commenced after the registration and issuance of a business license in Dubai.

Step 03: Apply for the license

To begin with, there are three types of tourism licenses for the tourism business in Dubai. Inbound tour operator license, outbound tour operator license, and travel agent license. An inbound tour operator manages events, inland travel, and transportation within Dubai for local people and foreigners.

Outbound tour license holders sell tourism packages outside Dubai through means of e-commerce. A Travel agent license is a license through which a vendor sells tickets. This is done on the behalf of the travel agent. These tickets are for car rental services, buses, trains, flights, and many more. The documents required for obtaining a tourism license in Dubai are:

  • Filled application in the prescribed form
  • Photocopy of valid passports of the owners/ investors
  • Certificate confirming the work and other qualifications of the applicants
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Proof of clean criminal records
  • Business plan and feasibility study report, indicating the mode of operation and profit analysis
  • No Object Certificate from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

After DED’s first approval, the form will be submitted for site inspection. You must fill the form with the correct information since the officers will come for an inspection before permitting your tourism business license.

Now, draft the Limited Liability Company (LLC) agreement. Get it endorsed with the help of a legal translator. You will not need a legal translator’s seal if the agreement is in Arabic.

In addition, all partners must have to sign the court’s agreement in front of the notary. Finally, submit all the relevant documents. Then, pay for the license fee and acquire it.

Step 04: Consultancy

The next step for the tourism business in Dubai is to choose the consultancy. The tourism capitalist can select a consultancy that will assist in setting up a tourism business in Dubai. Is an entrepreneur new to the business industry? Indeed, this is not a problem. If the investor is opening a business in Dubai for the first time, a good consultancy will make things easy. They will make him familiar with the process and provide him with detailed knowledge. The knowledge is regarding the various documents required during the whole process.

Step 05: Rent a space for your office

The next step is to rent a space for your office. Once you have completed all the formalities with various departments, it’s time to rent a space for the office. This will be done after the submission of the relevant documents.

It would be a necessity as the staff can work from there only. The staff members must be experienced, trained and professional. They must know how to persuade and guide customers about tourism in Dubai.

Step 06: Marketing

Now, when you are done with all the processes of registration and license, it is the right time for marketing. There are several methods to perform marketing for your tourism business in Dubai. It can be done through social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Effective marketing will persuasively attract customers.

Everyone has usage of social media in the current era. Hence, publicity will play a major role in advertising tourism in Dubai. The final cost will depend on several factors: the size of your business, the license you choose, and many more.

In conclusion, it is a perfect business to invest in Dubai. This is because there are various adventures for visitors in Dubai. Hence, this business would not confront any type of business. In addition, you can take advice from experienced professionals.

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