13 habits to avoid when you are in Dubai

Habits while living in Dubai

Dubai is an incredible, unique, and one of the most peaceful countries in the whole world.

Dubai has rules and regulations governing the territory, and the authorities in the Emirate ensure to see that these laws are maintained by the citizens or foreigners living in the region in a way to retains a peaceful environment.

Hence, whether you’re visiting the city as a visitor, or you’re a permanent resident who’s been around for a while, it’s always sensible to make yourself aware of the local laws and customs before visiting the country.

There are habits that you need to avoid when you are in Dubai.

Staying away from or avoiding these bad habits will not only make you enjoy your stay in the country, and be an exemplary visitor, but it will also help you to stay out of trouble.

So, in this article, we are going to reveal to you the 13 habits to avoid when you are in Dubai and more.

Just stick around as you learn these habits and then endeavor to avoid them if you want to enjoy your stay or visit Dubai.

13 habits to avoid when you are in Dubai

Here is the list of habits you shouldn’t display in public areas of the country.

  1. Avoid smoking.
  2. Cohabitation is not allowed.
  3. Avoid dealing with drugs.
  4. Do not take illegal photographs.
  5. Ensure you have legal documents.
  6. Don’t drop dirty around the city.
  7. Avoid religious insults or offensive words.
  8. Do not indulge in public affection.
  9. Avoid indecent dressing.
  10. Do not dance in social areas.
  11. Drinking alcohol in public is restricted.
  12. Do not use your left hand to eat in public.
  13. Avoid stealing or arrogant attitude.

Okay, let’s now discuss the points one after another.

Avoid smoking

Dubai is quite a good and accommodating place to enjoy only if you adhere to the rules and the laws guiding the country.

If you had planned to travel or relocate to Dubai soon, then you have to stop habits like smoking so you don’t attract the punishment of breaking the rules of the country in order not to be deported back to your own country. This happens especially during Ramadan, from the sunset to sunshine, smoking at public is stricktly prohibited.

However, before you finally move to your new country, have in mind that smoking is seriously restricted in Dubai.

Cohabitation is not allowed

Also, know that the country Dubai is not just an ordinary country to behave anyhow you want, but a respectable country that doesn’t allow any kind of cohabitation.

Cohabitation is the act of living with a man or woman who is not legally married to you in the same house.

As unmarried couples in Dubai, you do not have to stay together in a hotel or be seen even on the road holding hands. If you’re caught doing such, you may be punished for this particular deed.

Avoid dealing with drugs

In Dubai, it’s offensive and illegal to partake in drugs or cannabis.

The laws and regulations against doing drugs or Cannabis in the country are strict and the government authorities go for everyone who is found guilty, both visitors and locals. You can be fined or spend some years in prison for this purpose.

Hence, to avoid any issues with the governments and police, you need to learn to obey the laws of the territory.

Do not take illegal photographs

Every country has standards guiding the citizens and accordingly need to be learned and respected. You are expected to have regard for any country you are visiting either for tourism’s sake or a permanent stay.

Don’t be carried away by the nice look and beautiful nature of the cities, and then begin to take photographs of all places. Have in mind that it’s illegal to take photos of people without their approval, especially women and children.

If you’re found doing such, your camera will be seized and you may be sued for that or better still be penalized for your actions.

Ensure you’ve legal documents

If you want to live peacefully and enjoy your stay in Dubai, you’ve to make sure all the needed documents for your travel are legal and not forged because if they found out you come to the country with a kind of fake documents or papers, you’ll be deported back to your country immediately or even put in jail.

Don’t drop dirty around the city

Dubai is one of the finest and most amazing cities in the globe and as such their government aimed to maintain cleanliness and therefore urges the citizens and locals to ensure dirty are not seen littered around the city.

Laws against littering and polluting the city’s loveliness are strict and they go for everybody both tourists and locals who would go against these laws.

That means if you’re found littering the environment, you’ll be mandated to pay a certain fine or even land yourself in lockup.

So to avoid this, give thought to the cleanliness of the city and obey all the rules.

Avoid religious insults or offensive words

Is good you respect people’s religion anywhere you found yourself including in Dubai.

Dubai citizens are majorly Muslims and in that regard wouldn’t tolerate any offensive words against or towards Islam or their Muslim beliefs.

While this may seem weird to you, you must acknowledge that every religion has its myths which may not always connect with your own beliefs or your sense of reasoning.

But it’s essential to respect people’s religion and beliefs.

Don’t indulge in public affection

In Dubai public places, you do not have to be seen showing public affection.

Understand that kissing, holding hands, hugging, or cuddling in the public by two opposite or same coupling is not allowed and doesn’t go quite well in the country.

And guess what?

The Municipal authorities are now keeping a strict vigil and looking out for offenders. Hence anyone found in the act will be disciplined and pay a heavy fine.

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If you want to live in Dubai and enjoy your peaceful stay, you need to avoid indecent dressing.

In the Emirates, you’re to dress up well. Wearing shorts, and loose or skimpy clothes that reveal your private parts or your arms are highly restricted.

Thus, if you wish to live in peace and harmony with the locals over there, you should try to resist any urge to put on an inappropriate dress in the public.

Do not dance in social areas

This is also one of the habits you need to avoid when you are in the country.

You’ve to desist from playing loud music or dancing in public areas, as it is considered a punishable offense in Dubai and might land you in jail or behind the bars.

Drinking alcohol in public is restricted

In Dubai, there is a law that restricts drinking alcohol or being seen drunk in public.

However, you can drink in your home or go to bars to consume alcohol, but when you drink excessively and display it in a public place it’s assumed socially irresponsible and unacceptable.

So, you need to have this in mind when you are ready to visit Dubai to deter cases that might lead to evicting you.

Don’t use your left hand to eat in public

It’s considered also taboo to use your left hand to eat or do certain things in public.

In Dubai, the locals believe that the left hand is unclean and filthy because it’s used to clean the toilets or pick up toilet papers, so do not worth to be used in social places for handshakes, greeting, eating, or use it to open doors.

If you are caught using your left hand to do these things, you will be penalized or face the law of the country.

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Avoid stealing or arrogant attitude

Picking pockets and things related to that is not allowed in the Emirates and government officials are parading and keeping a strict watch on offenders to get punished for their crimes.

As a visitor, you must take note of all these things if you want to stay comfortable and cherish your visit to Dubai.

Final words

As stated above, Dubai is a decent, neat, and peaceful city that can do anything to ensure a good name, image and laws are being maintained no matter what it takes.

And as such, you need not ignore the rules and regulations in public areas and desist from these unpleasant habits when you are in Dubai. While some of these habits listed above may look weird to you, you must know that every society has its principles governing them which may never always align with the morality in your own home country.

Hence, you are required to heed restrictions so you don’t have to attract disliked or get punished because if you go against the codes of conduct of the country, be liable to pay certain fines, also have in mind that there’s no tolerance shown to those who don’t respect, obey and maintain the regulations of the city.

So, be patriotic and peaceful.

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Good luck and feel free to add your ideas if you think there are more habits to avoid when you are in Dubai.

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