An excellent guide to Child Daycare Business in Dubai – 7 steps process

Child Day Care Business in Dubai

The Child Daycare business in Dubai has a great deal of importance. Daycare is a necessity around the globe. With both parents now busy at work, the concept of nursery assistants, childminders, and nannies is increasing to provide childcare services. In Dubai, however, there is an extra incentive, besides demand, to get into the daycare industry. As Dubai is encouraging women into the workforce, it is making it easier than ever to start a childcare business.

Most people are residing in Dubai for a better living standard. Both husbands and wives are working together for this purpose. Hence, it gets difficult for them to take proper care of their children. They have the resources to hire someone who can fulfill all their children’s requirements for a day or some part of it.

It is a good option to start this business in Dubai. There are numerous incentives to start this business in Dubai. 100% percent foreign ownership, less taxation, and infrastructure have led to a massive influx of investors wishing to set up a daycare business in Dubai.

A person who loves children and has years of experience caring for children can consider starting a daycare center in Dubai. This daycare center can either be run from home or you can get a dedicated facility for it.

Working in childcare is a good choice for new entrepreneurs especially, as it has an expected growth rate of 7% over the next decade. Dubai has been continuously booming in different domains. In addition, it is a hub for entrepreneurs to set up any business. Dubai is business-oriented toward all types of nationalities.

Child Daycare Business plan in Dubai

Of course, daycare is a highly regulated industry, but with guidance and advice, starting your business can be fast, and affordable in many ways. Following are the steps to start a daycare business in Dubai, a daycare business plan must have the following steps:

  • Devise a business plan
  • Decide a business location
  • Obtain a license
  • Find a safe daycare facility
  • Insurance
  • Hire the staff
  • Write your daycare policies

Step 01: Devise a business plan

The first step of a daycare business plan in Dubai is to create a comprehensive business plan. There must be a brief overview of your business and the activities you intend to carry out. In addition, you must do financial forecasts as well as market research. It will help you understand your business requirements and take the necessary measures.

Business needs, financial budgets, insurance policies, operating policies & procedures, and daycare marketing plans are the fundamentals for a successful daycare business in Dubai. In addition, it should also include details of market analysis. Market analysis and market research both will assist in setting up a profitable business in Dubai.

Step 02: Decide a business location

A location is a place from where a daycare business will start. Busy working parents do not want to go out of their way to drop children off before work. You must choose a location in a residential area. In this way, you will be able to target the market.

Whether you choose a Mainland location or a free zone site for your Dubai childcare business setup, it should be able to target the customers. The best location for your daycare facility is either in the vicinity of working parents’ houses or workplaces. Furthermore, you must ensure that there is not a competitor of yours in that area. Thus, the customer preference for your daycare center in Dubai will be high.

Step 03: Obtain a license

You’ll need a trade license to start your daycare business in Dubai.

Without the relevant permit, running a daycare business is illegal in Dubai. You have to approach the concerned authorities to get a license in Dubai. The KHDA issues the licenses in Dubai Mainland and all Free Zones. You will require education and health documents for this process.

Take approvals from the Directorate of Civil Defence and the Public Health Department. The advisors at Masar Al Ameen will manage the entire application process on your behalf and liaise with all relevant authorities.

Step 04: Find a safe daycare facility

The Dubai government requires the daycare business to show that it is safe for the children before they issue a license or register the facility. You have to make sure that your selected location meets health, safety, zoning, and hazard laws laid out by the authorities. This must be done whether you buy or lease a property.

Step 05: Insurance

Operating on a daycare license in Dubai is a risky business. Hence, there is a greater need of insuring the business. This can hinder the possible risk factors for a daycare business in Dubai.

Being a business investor, it’s your responsibility to maintain insurance against all possible risks, and accidents. Thus, you must provide the utmost care to the children. To ensure the safety of the children it is a good idea to get insurance against all the possible risk factors.

Step 06: Hire the staff

Daycare is a very responsible business in Dubai. Parents need to like, and most significantly, trust your staff. Hence, there must be training for the staff members on ethics and behavior. In addition, conduct a thorough interview process and background checks.

The hiring individuals should have a loving and charming vibe and have some experience working with children. In this way, they would be experienced in tackling infants, children, and babies. Thus, they will get attracted to the staff members.

Step 07: Write Your Daycare Policies

Your Daycare Business policies will inform the parents from the start how you will entertain children. It will include strict policies as well. The daycare policies should provide the parents with detailed information regarding how a daycare business in Dubai will run.

It should include concerns regarding vaccination, illness, drop-off and pick-up times, curriculum, field trips, and other important things.

In conclusion, it is a great initiative to start a daycare business in Dubai. Despite it might be quite risky, it will generate huge profits for you, as an Investor. It should be near to the vicinity of the customers. In addition, your daycare business in Dubai must be cooperative. This will lead to your success of the business, run in Dubai.

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