7 attractive points to massive selling on social media in Dubai

In the era of the internet revolution, you surely hear about what is called selling on social media. Up to the meaning of the word “Social”, every benefit comes out. The main cornerstone of social media in general is how to make anything in a social way. How to contact others formally or informally but socially. Here in our article, we will focus on using social media for selling. And we will introduce you to attractive points for massive selling. We choose Dubai geographically to guide you to make it perfect and in an easy way. 

Firstly, what is selling on social media?

Selling on social media means achieving two main goals: 

  • Using social media to create new and continuous relationships with prospects and customers. 
  • Reaching your target number of sales. 

That is explaining how selling differs from marketing or advertising. As these two tools are prior steps before selling. In other words, selling on social media includes marketing and advertising then sales target. 

Why is selling on social media important nowadays? 

All statistics refer to one fact: social media is the most useable way these days. More than 4 billion people around the world use social media every day. Other important details about online sales, almost 94% of customers do search before purchasing, and half of them at least purchase online. It’s easier to get more people engaged through different apps. According to numbers, we can talk about almost 30% of social media users are decision makers. Every businessman’s dream is to get more engagement with those important proper customers. To reach them in a smart way, just be on their favorite social media application. It’s simple like that. 

How can professional usage of social media help in selling?

Only online selling can duplicate your working hours to unlimited expectations. Statistics prove that, professional social selling business can achieve 45% more than a low social media index. 

The final point we can mention about the importance of social media selling is recent proof that online business can be the saver specifically in an offline crisis like COVID-19 pandemic which affected all offline trades very badly. For example, during the pandemic in 2020, almost 25% of middle-aged Americans purchased at least once via social media. 

What is the best social media application to use in selling!? 

No doubt that technology is helping a lot in saving time, offering a very wide range to choose from, and guiding customers to pick exactly what they need. These benefits can make a shortcut to purchasing more and more. For example, with proper advertising, any E-store can achieve more purchasing processes than an offline store even if it’s open for 24 hours per day. Online advertising will reach more customers for sure. There is an important equation about achieving targets in business. The equation is: “To sell more, present your product more time” 

Simply, it depends. 

According to your target customers, check their preferable application then use it. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are the best places for selling your product if your business is about clothes, fashion, or luxurious products, LinkedIn is the best place for formal businesses, and so on. 

Read more about the best e-Commerce platforms to sell your products online in the world or in the UAE.

7 attractive points to massive selling on social media

First of all, you have to get something to share with others on social media. So: brand your product or service by focusing on creating attractive and professional advertising. That is the main point. 

Second: Choose the proper application to use. That depends on your business category and your target of customers.

Third: Use professional business tools: every social application has its own professional business tools, you need to learn how to achieve more results depending on the perfect tool.

Fourth: Build relationships: the best-lasting way to get more customers engaged is to build relationships. Word “social” can remind you always about the importance of building relationships. How far you can build a continuing relationship with the customer, the more achievements you can reach. 

Fifth: Be consistent: don’t expect immediate results. It takes time like everything in life. That is normal. The golden rule here is to keep going and be there as much as you can. Follow new leads, care more about customers, contact old customers, make continuous updates to attract, and be keen about dealing ways always. 

Sixth: Good Communication: you have to care about communication in 3 different ways: 

  • Communicate with your current customers as professionally as you can.
  • Increase your network circle by making new and continuous communication with cold market customers.
  • Communication with old customers: this point will help you to keep more customers with loyalty. Make them feel their position like being part of the family. Keeping communication leads to strong and long-lasting relationships.

Finally: Add value: one of the best tools to use that help a lot in social media selling is to add value. That can be done in two ways: first, link your product or service with a clear value. For example, focusing on “go green” value if you have a product related to that. Second, by creating a value like sharing valuable content about your business that your customers may be interested in. 

Does it differ to use social media in selling in Dubai or other region? 

The geographical element helps to target the audience, which automatically leads to more sales. So, when it comes to Dubai that means you are in right place.

Many reasons prove why targeting social media in Dubai is helpful: number of users, number of purchases done every day, an increasing number of new customers every single hour, good awareness about online business, simple steps to set up your online business in Dubai, very professional supply chains and logistical services, powerful governmental support, various services, and continuous availability, incredible focus on digitalization, and it’s a good place to know more about competitive standards. Choosing Dubai makes you nearer by one step to selling more and achieving targets sooner. Surrounding yourself with successful experiences feeds your creativity and unleashes your potential.


I hope so, I covered it well for you, and now, you can easily start doing your business online and maximize your profit by massive sales on social media! If you are ready and would like to open your business, and get your license, contact Masar Al Ameen Group – the Business Consultants that will facilitate a process to settle your business for you! If you would like to read more about Dubai Economics, kindly click here.

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