General Maintenance business license in Dubai – 8 very useful tips on how to get it!

Infrastructure of Dubai

Dubai has been known for its excellent and stable economic growth, top-notch infrastructures, advancement in technology, high business prospects, and home to the tallest buildings with a world-class environment.

When you think of things that give Dubai the nice look, and you didn’t mention buildings, then you have to start over again because Dubai is one of the countries with the smartest buildings around the globe.

Hence making the region a good location to set up a building maintenance business.

And do you know what?

Millions of businesses or companies are doing exceptionally well in Dubai, and tons of entrepreneurs who value a good environment for their business have even taken a bold step to start a new life there as there are many business opportunities in the region including general maintenance business.

Although before you start this kind of business in Dubai, you must obtain a license from the government to enable you to run a legal business in the country.

So, if you’re building maintenance skills and wish to set up your business in Dubai but don’t know how to get a general maintenance business license in Dubai to operate your business legally?

If this is you, then this post is just for you.

After reading this well-researched article, you’ll be able to know how to get a license to enjoy your business start-up in Dubai, as well as the benefits attached to it.

Just read on as we show you all.

But let’s see what a general maintenance business is all about. Read more, as well about B2B Business opportunities in Dubai.

What is a General Maintenance business license?

In a nutshell, this is a license issued by the Dubai government to new entrepreneurs who wish to set up a general maintenance business in Dubai to allow them to carry out different kinds of business activities.

General maintenance business activities include building renovation, maintenance, and repairs, setting up home appliances, fixing electrical faults, helping to make the old buildings look modern, etc.

As building maintenance is a lucrative business in the country, the Dubai government had come up with the idea of making this sector professional.

Hence, before you set up this type of business in the Emirates, you must have a license to make your business legalized so you do not attract government penalties.

8 unique tips on how to get a General Maintenance business license in Dubai

If you’re an entrepreneur who is about to start up your new general maintenance business in Dubai, here is a guide on how to obtain a license to permit you to run a legitimate business in the region.

They are as follows: 

1. Select a business name.
2. Choose a good location.
3. State your business activities.
4. Arrange the needed documents.
5. Get basic regulatory approval.
6. Provide your insurance and training certificate.
7. Make all the vital payments.
8. Submit your application to the agency.

Now, let’s explain all these 8 points in detail. Just read along to learn more.

1. Select a business name

This is one of the bold steps you need to take if you want to get a general maintenance business license in Dubai.

In this case, you’ve to pick up a simple name that suits your business, a name that’s easy to pronounce, a new name no one had ever used before, and lastly ensure this name you want to choose does not in any way insult or go against the Dubai laws, if not your request might be denied.

2. Choose a good location

The next move to make if you accept to obtain any business license in the Emirates is to choose a good location for your general maintenance business.

Know that you can choose from the two common market sites in Dubai, either Mainland or the Free zone.

Since you know your budget, so you have to make your decision based on the location that is suitable for your kind of business activities.

3. State your business activities

This is yet another vital point you need to consider before moving to get a license for your new business.

You must neatly outline the business activities you wish to offer to the people.

As stated above, the general maintenance business activities include:

  • Building renovation and maintenance.
  • Repairs of building.
  • Setting up home appliances.
  • Fixing electrical faults in a building.
  • AC installation and maintenance.
  • Helping to make the old buildings look modern and lots more.

So you have to state the example of activities your company or business is going to offer.

4. Arrange the needed documents

Here, all you should do is, arrange the requested documents before you make proceed to acquire a license.

The vital documents are listed below:

  • Know that before getting a business license you must have registered your business with the Department of Economic Development Development (DED), hence you need to provide the document.
  • Your Visa copies.
  • No objection certificate(NOC).
  • Provide your scanned passport copies and that of your partners, if any.
  • Your training certificate and,
  • Evidence of your insurance.

5. Get basic regulatory approval

By the time you are done providing the essential documents to the agency, you can now get an order from the agency to pursue your business license.

Be informed that without their approval, you may never be allowed to proceed to the next step.

6. You must provide your insurance and training certificate

These are among the documents you should provide to the agency when applying for a general maintenance business license in Dubai.

Dubai is a peaceful country and sure will never authorize anything that will tarnish their already built image, hence the reason why you are required to provide insurance for your kind of business so to show you’re well trained and have a legal responsibility to refund the property owners in case if there are damages you caused during the time of conducting your general maintenance in a building.

7. Make all the vital payments

There are fees you have to settle before obtaining a general maintenance business license in Dubai.

The fee ranges from AED 15, 500 to AED 25,000 or more though this comprises your business formation and application costs.

However, realize that the amount of money you may pay for acquiring a business license will solely depend on certain factors such as the type of business activities you’ve chosen, your business location, and the size of your new business.

8. Submit your application to the agency

Submitting your final application to the agency is the last step you need to take to get a general maintenance business license in Dubai. 

At this point, you’re just a step close to getting your license. 

All you’ve to do is submit the necessary documents, evidence of payment, and application forms to the appropriate agency. They’ll go through the information you provided and if there are no errors, they’ll issue the general maintenance business license to you within a few working days.

The process may sound quite easy to you but it’s not that simple to go about it alone as a foreigner who is not yet conversant with the country’s environment and that is why it’s always good to meet with a business expert in Dubai Masar AI Ameen – who will help you to provide the needed documents and also assist you to see that the journey of getting your business license in Dubai is made easy.

And by the time you receive a license, you can now run a legal business as well as enjoy all the benefits it comes with. 

4 great benefits of obtaining a General Maintenance Business license in Dubai

Getting a business license in Dubai will give you access to:

1. Trade anywhere in the Emirates, that’s you’re free to set up your business either in the Mainland or a Free zone market.

2. You’ve no currency restrictions and 100% free tax.

3. As there are lots of office buildings, hotels, and living houses in the UAE, real estate, and all of the owners will need to maintain their properties, therefore setting up and obtaining a general maintenance business license to operate legally in Dubai is a good move as you’ll earn more profits.

4. Government support, the Dubai government has made the process easy, so right now, you can go ahead to set up your general maintenance business in Dubai without much expense.

In conclusion

Dubai is home to nice-looking buildings such as offices, hotels, real estate, and living houses, thus making it a pleasant place to start a general maintenance business as there is always a need for the services of an expert to see that the buildings are always in good shape.

However, as a new entrepreneur who wishes to set up this business in Dubai, you’re so lucky to have come across this awesome write-up here.

Hopefully, you’ve read and understood the tips on how to get a general maintenance business license in Dubai. We hope this information helps you as you proceed to acquire your business license to allow you to run a legal business there.

Nonetheless, remember to seek the assistance of a professional business consultant Masar AI Ameen – they will make sure the process of obtaining your business license in Dubai is quite easy and with no stress.

Good luck to you as you get a business license.

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