How to get a Technical Service license in Dubai? 6 easy steps!

About starting businesses and other stuff in Dubai, I think a lot of people either live in bubbles or do not have quality information.

So, here we are going to give you much information based on experience and knowledge of all you should know about how to get a technical service license in Dubai.

Are you planning to set up a technical service business in Dubai and require to know how to get a license to operate legally?

If this is you, then this post is written just for you.

Just read along as you learn all.

When it comes to starting up a technical service, a lot of people choose Dubai as always the best bet for this.

Why? You asked.

Well, the truth is not far-fetched.

Dubai is the nicest place to set up a business like technical service due to its economic growth and development, and not only that, Dubai has a world-class International market as it’s a top-notch hub that binds Asia and Europe, hence making it a pinpoint for international trading.

So you see why almost everyone decides to do business in Dubai.

However, to start up any business in Dubai including the technical service business, you must first get a valid business license to legalize your business in the country.

And that brought us to this popular question.

What is a technical service license?

In layman’s terms, a technical service license is a type of license issued by the Department of Economics Development (DED) to a person who wants to set up a technical service business in Dubai to enable him or her to run a smooth business without government issues.

This simply means that as a new entrepreneur who wishes to start a new technical service business in Dubai, you wouldn’t be allowed to start it in the region till you’re able to obtain a technical service license.

When you must have gotten a license, then you’ll be permitted to start your business in any location you choose in the Emirates.

Below are the business activities you will be allowed to operate as a technical service businessman.

You can do:

  • Satellite installations
  • Floor and tiling work
  • Plumbing works
  • Mounting air conditioning
  • Carpentry works
  • Painting concrete works
  • Electrical fittings
  • Full cleaning services, and more

Remember the key thing here is to obtain a business license before you can do all the above technical service works.

I know you must be curious right now to know how to get this license.

Well, worry no more, we’ve made everything easy for you here.

Just read along as you learn more.

6 simple tips on how to get a Technical Service license in Dubai

1. Make your budget.

2. Decide on where to set up the business.

3. Select a business name.

4. Choose your business activities.

5. Arrange all needed documents.

6. Pay the fees and submit your application forms.

Having stated that, now let’s examine these 6 tips one after the other.

1. Make your budget

Before you start any kind of business including technical service business, the first thing you need to do is to estimate the expenses.

Making a budget before you set up any business will help you to know what you are expected to spend in the long run till you can complete the process.

Also, knowing this in time will as well help you to further know the location you can go for either the Mainland, Offshore or Free zone, and whether to choose a sponsor or get the business fixed yourself.

2. Decide on where to set up the business

By the time you are done with your budget and know the amount of money you’ve at hand, then you can now decide to either set up your technical service business in the Free zone or Mainland.

Although both locations have their unique benefits.

By choosing Mainland, you’ll be allowed to trade on the UAE markets and you’re also eligible to bid on government contracts.

But if you choose the Free zone, you will have a 0% free tax rate, full custom tax exemptions, etc.

So, you got to make your choice based on a good site suitable for your company and consider your pocket too.

3. Select a business name

This is another step you must take to obtain a business license in Dubai.

In this case, to make things easy for you, you have to list all the names that come to your mind when you think about a business name for your technical service business. After you must have jotted the names down, then go ahead and choose a name you think suits the kind of activities you want to offer.

Although there are some guidelines for choosing a business; you mustn’t choose a name that goes against Dubai laws, you must choose a name no other person has registered before, and it shouldn’t be the initials of your name.

For example, if your name is Joseph Gloria, and you choose a business name like;

J. G is wrong and will be rejected.

Maybe you can go for something like this – Joseph Smith technical services business limited.

Just make your choice and you are good to move to the next level.

4. Choose your business activities

As we stated earlier, the technical service business offers many activities such as satellite installations, floor and tiling works, plumbing works, air conditioning, carpentry works, painting concrete works, electrical fitting, full cleaning services, etc.

So by choosing business activities, you have to clearly state the kind of activities your technical service business may likely offer.

For example, if you want to offer activities such as satellite installation, electrical fitting, etc, just go ahead and list all the activities your business plan can offer.

5. Arrange all needed documents

When you are done with the above, the next step is to arrange all the necessary documents for the process.

The most required documents for getting a business license in Dubai are listed below.

They are as follows:

  • Memorandum of Association(MOA).
  • Passports size photos.
  • Your passport copy and that of your partner, if any.
  • Your completed application form – that’s filled with the right information, etc.

This is all for now, though you can be asked to bring other ones, so you can always consider the help of a professional business consultant in Dubai: Masar AI Ameen – they will help make the journey of getting your technical service license in Dubai easy by making sure they assist you to provide all the documents in time to avoid anything that may delay you.

6. Pay the fees and submit your application forms

This is the last stage of getting a technical service license in Dubai.

Here, you need to pay the required fees for obtaining a technical service license in Dubai.

The cost of getting a technical service license in Dubai DED is between AED 9,000 to AED 10,000 for the voucher license only, excluding other fees like the DED approval fees, trade name reservations, initial approvals, etc.

However, realize that the total payments you need to make concerning this will solely depend on the location you’ve chosen to set up your business and the type of business activities you selected.

And then, after paying the necessary fees, proceed to submit your application forms and other stuff to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Again, you have to wait for them to process your application and if you have done the right things within a few days they will issue you, your technical service license to legally set up your business.

By doing so, you can now enjoy the benefits that follow.

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3 amazing benefits of getting a Technical Service license in Dubai

1. As Dubai is the point of attraction for the international market, this makes it an ideal place to start your technical service business in the region, with this you can make much sales and profits.

2. By getting a technical service license, you’re now free to operate your business in any location of your choice in Dubai without facing government issues.

3. With your business set up in the Mainland or Free zone, you can trade in UAE markets, and bid government contracts, yet you’ll have 100% tax-free with no currency restrictions, custom tax exemptions, and more.


I am glad you’ve read and understand how to get a technical service license in Dubai, I hope the information here will make your journey of setting up your business in Dubai easy.

Though the process can be frustrating sometimes, that’s why I recommend you seek the assistance of a professional team Masar AI Ameen – they’ll work with you from the time of getting the right documents till the time your business license will be issued to you.

Hence, make sure you follow the guidelines here to avoid putting pressure on yourself.

Good luck with your business start-up!

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