How to apply for an import-export code in Dubai? Useful tips

UAE as a global trading hub

The United Arab Emirates(UAE), generally refer to as the Emirates is a federal monarchy sovereign state popularly known as the major commercial hub of the world connecting Asia with Europe.

The country is located at a strategic point between the two major markets, United Arab Emirates is a perfect point for businesses to conduct both local and International trade.

Goods can be imported for the local markets and exported to the neighboring countries or traded on the global market.

Hence, making Import and Export License the most in-demand license category among foreign investors in Dubai.

You must hold an import-export code in Dubai to enable you to run a smooth import and export business in the United Arab Emirates.

If you are looking to start trading your products in the United Arab Emirates, then you have most likely heard of a requirement for an importer or exporter customs code.

I understand in your mind right now, that you may be wondering what an import and export code is.

But don’t worry we have got you covered.

In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about import-export codes and how to apply for an import-export code in Dubai.

Let’s get started. But let’s first see what this import-export code is all about.

What is an import-export code?

Well, this is not new stuff. Import-export code is a trade code issued by the customs Department of Economics Development (DED) to enable business or company owners in Dubai to conduct global or international trade.

In layman’s terms, it is an official code that is issued by Dubai Customs for UAE businesses to import or export goods into and from the country.

That is to say, if you want to run a smooth import and export business or company in Dubai, you must first of all register your business with Dubai customs and acquire a company code before you could be allowed to operate a such business in the United Arab Emirates.

For example, it is a code that will link your shipments with your UAE trade license.

An import export code is also known by many names. It can be referred to as a customs code, as well as a Mirsal business code.

But in this article, we will be referring to it as a custom code.

Coffee beans for import export trade commerce.

Is the import-export code necessary?

An import-export-trading is an amazing and lucrative kind of business for many foreign investors in the UAE.

Yes. It is mandatory to get or hold an import-export code in Dubai to enable you legally operate your import-export business both in local markets, trade on the global market, and also conduct International trade.

How much is the cost of getting an import export code?

If you are about to apply for a customs import-export code in Dubai, you need to pay for the allocation of the custom code.

However, for the new registration of a custom code for your business, you have to pay AED 100. While the renewal of a custom code for your business should be about AED 30.

But then, to get the custom code for a free zone, you will have to pay the amount of AED 100 and AED 25 on the Mainland.

Having stated that, let’s see how you can apply for this code.

10 amazing ways how to apply for import-export code in Dubai

As earlier stated, before you can legally operate an import and export business in Dubai, you must register your business with Dubai customs and acquire a company code.

To apply for the code here is an amazing easy step-by-step process to follow up.

1. You need to visit

2. Get registered on the DGFT website.

3. After registering, log in with your login details (your name and password required).

4. Locate the service center, Dubai customs, and click on it.

5. Choose request business registration.

6. Fill in the needed information on the application form.

7. Upload the necessary documents.

Such documents include:

  • A letter of undertaking.
  • A scanned copy of your passports and that of your partners, if any.
  • Your valid phone number and that of your partners.
  • A copy of your valid trade license: this should be a valid trade license issued by a United Arab Emirates license issuing authority and registered with the Customs department. A trade license should obtain from the Economic department of the respective Emirates. And traders must obtain import and export customs codes from the respective Ports.

8. Pay the requested fees attached.

9. And then click on the submit button to generate your import export code.

10. Once the Dubai customs department has received your application, they will review your information, and then if you met all the needed requirements of getting an import-export code in Dubai, your request will be approved.

And then within a few days, your import-export code will be generated and sent to you electronically, either through the email you provided or through the phone number you provided during your application form filling.

However, getting your import-export code in Dubai is sometimes tasking and takes some processes for foreigners like you who are not quite familiar with the country’s environment.

Therefore, it is necessary and right you seek the services of professional consultants like Masar AI Ameen Business company – they will hold your hand and put you on the right track to help you get your business import-export code faster than ever.

3 great benefits of getting your import and export in Dubai

There are lots of benefits to having an import-export code comes with but we are going to list the top major ones here.

Check the list below: 

1. Government support: Right now, Dubai boosts a global leading transport infrastructure courtesy of its economic development making it easy for foreign investors to operate their businesses in a smooth and serene environment. So running your import and export business there is a great move for you.

2. 0% tax pay: When you have an import-export code you are free to run your business in Dubai in both the local UAE market, exporting to neighboring countries, and allowed to conduct International trade with a 0% tax rate.

3. Higher demand: An export and import trading business in Dubai is quite a lucrative business activity you can think of generating more profit and returns in the region.


Having stated how to apply for import-export code in Dubai and that before you could start up your import and export business in the country, you must be registered with the Dubai customs agency to get a code for the clearance of goods.

However, getting this import export code is necessary and mandatory to be able to conduct global trade.

It is sometimes difficult and time-consuming to run all the errands by yourself. Sure as a new investor in the country, it is not going to be easy sometimes that is why you need to be helped by professional services like Masar AI Ameen – to help make the process effortless for you.

Good luck as you click the links to get more information on everything about the country Dubai.

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