Restaurant Business in Dubai – 6 steps to follow

A Restaurant Business in Dubai is a lucrative idea. Dubai is a place full of eye-catching sceneries, incredible buildings, resorts, and hospitality. All of these aspects make Dubai a beautiful place to visit and experience and this is because of the government of Dubai. As well as these factors influence people all over the world to have business in Dubai.

If we talk about the business of a restaurant in Dubai, there we have a list of questions that arises such as how to start a business regarding a restaurant in Dubai. Is a restaurant business profitable? Through which steps and procedures does one need to pass? Is it beneficial to start? So there is a proven answer to all these questions, the food industry has witnessed huge growth in Dubai in the few past years. Many of the foodie people have contributed to the success and heights of restaurants and the food industry of Dubai. So it is not going to put you at loss.

If you are willing to open a restaurant in Dubai, it is essential to acknowledge some important information and a guide to proceed.

How to open a restaurant business in Dubai?

Opening a restaurant in Dubai can be a challenging task for one who has never experienced it before or is new to the industry. That is why it is very crucial to set up every step carefully. We are providing you with a simple and exquisite restaurant business plan to follow up. It includes the following steps :

  • Registration and Licensing
  • Selection of suitable location
  • A business plan draft
  • Calculation of Costs
  • Architecture
  • Documents requirement

Registration and licensing

The very vital step of every business is acquiring a trade license to practice any business in Dubai, without a trade license, you can not step forward towards the business. So the first and foremost step of a business plan for opening a restaurant in Dubai is the registration of your business and acquiring the required licenses for your restaurant.

Here you require two kinds of licenses, one is a trade license which is needed to acquire from the Department of Economic Development, and another is a food license that will be attained from the Food and Safety Department. After having the licenses, you can easily proceed further.

Selection of a suitable location

The next step is having a selection of a suitable location for opening a restaurant. There can be two choices, the Mainland and the Free zones. The Mainland restaurant can be opened with the permission of Department of Economic Development. You could be 100% owner at this option, as more and more businesses cease the major local’s ownership. If you want to open a restaurant in free zones then it will provide you with the full opportunity of holding and running your business by your own choice.

There can be another criterion to selecting a location for your business, that is a place where there is less number of existing restaurants. A place like this would be beneficial for your business. It will help you in achieving high value as well as great revenue.

Another step in choosing a location is the right area to choose. It makes sense in a way what type of food you are going to present in your restaurant. Whether Pakistani, Chinese, or Indian cuisine then you should prefer those places where the food code of your restaurant is liked well and most of the people of that area are foodies of that relevant cuisine.

A business plan draft

Before proceeding further, it is better to make a draft of a business plan which includes market analysis, food code of the area, financial analysis, uncertainties, kinds of equipment, and all other things that are required to run a restaurant business in Dubai.

Calculation of costs

Calculating estimated costs and expenditures you need to spend on opening a restaurant business is necessary to be financed before proceeding to the next step. A proper financial plan should be processed and managed earlier to the next step. It involves the cost of a license, cost of location, cost of architecture, cost of basic requirements, cost of equipment, cost of hiring and paying employees, etc.


As we know, Dubai has a specific taste and choice for the architecture of its buildings. As well as they have specified building guidelines from the Food Department for restaurant and cafe architecture. That is why you should be very careful to set up an architectural process for your restaurant in Dubai. Moreover, you can decorate the internal and external sides of the restaurant according to the themes that are proved to be an aid in attracting customers.

A few of the basic requirements for setting up a restaurant business in Dubai are as follows:

  • There must be a kitchen that would be consistent with 40% of the total space.
  • A good ventilation system is a must requirement.
  • The walls, floor, and roof of the restaurant should be washable as well as fireproof.
  • There should be various basins for washing utensils, meat, and vegetables.
  • A store room, refrigerator, freezer, and likewise other storage spaces are required.
  • Restrooms and washrooms are also necessary to be there but a far from cooking and eating spaces.
  • Basic utensils for cooking, eating, serving, and cleaning are essentially needed in a restaurant.

Documents requirement

If you want to run your restaurant business in Dubai without any kind of interference from authorities, you need some important and required documents with you. Those documents include:

  • A trade license
  • Food license

Except for these documents, you must should opt for :

  • Liquor permit
  • Ramadan permit
  • Pork permit
  • Delivery permit


After completing all these steps, you can run your restaurant business with full joy and can achieve the desired results of your business. All this process just needs passion and consistency.

Starting a restaurant business in Dubai is a difficult task to be done but it could be made an easy task by consulting one of the best business setup companies in Dubai, Masar Al Ameen. They can help you out on every one of the aforementioned steps and help you in achieving the success of a restaurant business in Dubai.

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