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As the world deals with the changes brought about by the ongoing pandemic, we’re seeing how spending time outdoors has become even more important. This is true in Dubai, a place known for its luxurious living and impressive buildings. 

There are some really amazing homes with beautiful outdoor areas in Dubai that add a touch of luxury and relaxation to life. So, let’s take a little adventure and explore some of the Best outdoor spaces in Dubai. These are spots where people living there can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine right in the comfort of their own homes.

Here are the 9 best outdoor spaces in Dubai

1. Emirates Hills

Set in the fancy Emirates Hills neighborhood, there’s this super fancy 7-bedroom house that’s huge – like 5,682 square feet huge! And guess what? It’s got this awesome outdoor space that’s like a paradise. It’s sitting on this really big piece of land – about 27,800 square feet – and it has a pool that’s all fancy with temperature control. So, on those hot days, you can still have a cool dip. But that’s not all; the backyard is like a dream.

There’s a spot for grilling up some tasty food and even a sunken fire pit. Imagine having cool BBQ parties there! And the coolest part? This house has this special stone floor thing that keeps everything nice and chill, even when the summer sun is blazing. So you can enjoy the outdoors without feeling like you’re melting away. Cool, right?

Mohammed bin Rashid City

Located right in the middle of Mohammed bin Rashid City, there’s this huge District One Mansion with 7 bedrooms. It covers a whopping 27,000 square feet! And guess what? It’s on a massive plot of land that’s 22,000 square feet.

In addition, this mansion comes with an amazing outdoor space. There’s a private infinity pool that’s kept at just the right temperature, a stunning garden that’s been landscaped beautifully, and even a special spot for barbecues. So, if you’re into outdoor relaxation, this place is a dream come true.

Imagine all the luxury, mixed with the beauty of nature. It’s like living in a masterpiece of comfort and style.

Safa Park

Back in 1975, they created Safa Park, and guess what? It was the very first public park in Dubai! At first, it was kinda far from the busy city stuff, but now it’s right in the middle of everything. You can see the super famous Burj Khalifa and the cool Downtown Dubai skyline from there.

And get this, they made sure the park is awesome for everyone, even those who might need a bit of extra help. That’s because the UAE cares about all kinds of people.

Even though it’s close to the busy Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park is like a calm oasis. You can chill out and read a book in the secret gardens or go for a nice jog on the tracks. It’s all peaceful and nice, even though the city is buzzing right nearby.

People who live around here love playing sports in the park. They’ve got tennis and basketball courts for that. And you know what’s cool? New folks in town are super excited to check out everything the park has to offer. It’s a really great place to be!

Palm Jumeirah

Imagine a gorgeous villa on the fancy Palm Jumeirah. It’s got a whopping six bedrooms and spreads across a huge 13,110 square feet. This place is all about that cool coastal vibe. And guess what? The villa comes with a massive 13,120-square-foot area, where you’ll find a super fancy private beach. 

And that’s not even the best part – there’s a super posh infinity pool and a comfy sitting spot right by the pool. If you live here, you’re in for a treat – your very own private beach! It’s like living in a fancy resort, all to yourself.

Al Barari

Located in the peaceful neighborhood of Al Barari, there’s a beautifully upgraded 4-bedroom villa that covers a generous 7,464 square feet. It’s a true example of contemporary elegance. The villa sits on a spacious plot of 12,200 square feet, offering a wonderful outdoor haven. 

The improved park features a handy electric pergola, abundant leafy trees, and they’ve even set up a charging station for your Tesla vehicle. The outdoor space is just so classy with its wooden tiles, and the icing on the cake is the overflow pool with its adjustable temperature, making it the perfect finishing touch to this serene sanctuary.

Al Barsha Park

Covering a vast 52 acres, Al Barsha Park is adorned with carefully designed landscapes encircling a peaceful man-made pond. Folks can enjoy leisurely pedal or solar-powered boat rides on the water, or they can choose pedal Go-Karts, bicycles, and e-scooters for a scenic workout.

The park is designed to cater to people of all ages, offering separate zones for toddlers and older kids. Additionally, there are wide-open grassy areas that are just right for picnics. For those who love staying active, there’s a designated running track where fitness enthusiasts can work up a sweat.

Al Ittihad Park

Imagine a lovely place called Al Ittihad Park, also known as Palm Jumeirah Park, stretching out for 3.2 kilometers along the Palm Monorail’s path. This park is like a really long, peaceful garden where you can take a breather from the hustle and bustle.

Al Ittihad Park is perfect for a leisurely walk with strollers or even riding scooters. And guess what? There are fun playgrounds and calm water spots sprinkled all around. 

As you stroll along, you’ll come across spots to do a little exercise, as well as shops and cafes where you can rest and enjoy the views. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable time, this park has got you covered!

Dubai Miracle Garden

Hey there, ever heard of the Dubai Miracle Garden? It’s like this huge flower wonderland right outside Dubai City. They say it’s the biggest flower garden on the planet ’cause it’s got more flowers than you can even imagine!

Imagine wandering through paths that twist and turn like a fun puzzle. Everywhere you look, there are flowers and even bushes shaped like cartoon characters and cool stuff like that. They even made a super big Emirates airplane out of flowers – how awesome is that?

And it’s not just a flower show – they’ve got food spots where you can grab a bite, swings that let you feel like you’re in a flowery dream, and places to play for both kids and grown-ups. Oh, and don’t forget your camera, ’cause you’ll want to take a zillion pics among all those blooms.

If you want the place to yourself (well, kinda), try going early before the big crowds show up. Plus, it’s way cooler then. Enjoy!

Love Lake Dubai

Love Lake Dubai, a hidden gem in Al Qudra, Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. It’s like a calm oasis compared to the busy city vibes.

Imagine this: you enter and there’s a nice walking and running path around the man-made Love Lakes. Perfect for a relaxing walk or a good jog to recharge.

Grab some snacks and have a picnic. There are spots for BBQ too, so you can have a yummy outdoor meal. Oh, and don’t forget to take awesome photos for your Insta feed. The park’s got some really cool stuff to see.

If you need a break from the desert heat and city noise, Love Lake Dubai is where it’s at. Super chill and beautiful.


Dubai’s outdoor areas are like the definition of luxury, comfort, and fun. As the world looks for a bit of peace in the fresh air during these changing times, these amazing properties give folks an unmatched outdoor adventure right at their own homes.

Imagine having your own infinity pool or a beautiful beach – that’s the kind of fancy living Dubai’s outdoor spaces bring, where you get to enjoy both the fancy life and nature itself.

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1. What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai Miracle Garden?

Come and see the beautiful flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden from October to April! The garden is open from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night during this time. You’ll enjoy the cooler weather and perfect views to take in the stunning flower arrangements.

2. How Does Safa Park Stand Out Among Dubai’s Parks?

Safa Park is like a peaceful haven right in the middle of the city buzz. Imagine looking out and seeing the majestic Burj Khalifa and the breathtaking Downtown Dubai skyline – all from this one spot! Whether you live here or you’re just passing by, it’s the perfect place to take a break and relax.

3. What Makes Love Lake Dubai Unique?

Love Lake in Dubai, tucked snugly in Al Qudra. This place brings you something special amidst the vast desert. It’s like a peaceful haven decked out with crafted lakes, a pathway for leisurely walks, and spots made just for firing up the BBQ. This spot gives you a calming escape from the busy city life.

4. Can I Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Al Barsha Park?

Al Barsha Park has something for everyone looking to have fun outdoors. You can hop on pedal boats or solar-powered boats in the pond, or if you’re feeling more active, try out pedal Go-Karts, bikes, and e-scooters for a good workout. The park gives you lots of different ways to make the most of being outside.

5. How Accessible Is Al Khazzan Park for Families?

If you’re near Dubai’s City Walk, you’ve got to check out Al Khazzan Park. It’s like a big warm hug for families! There are cool shady spots to play for both little kids and the bigger ones. They’ve got tons of places to sit, so it’s perfect for having a relaxing family picnic or just chilling outdoors.

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