An excellent guide to Spa Business in Dubai – 5 steps process

Spa Business in Dubai

Spa Business in Dubai is a profitable business for professional and talented beauticians. It offers a variety of epidemic beauty and hair services such as manicure, pedicure, hair styling, trimming, waxing, facials, and aromatherapy.

Dubai is one of the wealthiest countries all over the globe. This is why the spas in Dubai are very successful as people visit spas to get themselves pampered and relaxed. Starting a spa business in Dubai is beneficial for investors. They can get 100% foreign ownership in Dubai. Furthermore, they are also exempted from giving some taxes. Not only this but also, they are exempted from all import and export duties.

The Government of Dubai also makes sure that the business investors obtain abundant and inexpensive energy. There are low freight charges for the transportation of the essentials needed for the setup of a Spa business. Moreover, the lucrative spa businesses in Dubai have the freedom to recruit expatriates from all over the globe. In addition, there is duty-free for both entrepreneurs and investors.

How to start a Spa Business in Dubai

Opening a spa in Dubai is a piece of cake if the proper guidelines are followed. For beginning this type of business in Dubai, some of the following procedures are to be followed:

  • Idealization
  • Determining an ideal location
  • Choosing a right name
  • Registration and Application of license
  • Rent a space
  • Hire staff


Before starting a spa business in Dubai, it is vital to make a proper idea and plan. For the implementation of a plan, it is necessary to prepare an executive plan. You can idealize the costs of furniture, interior, floor, and much more. You can design the structure of your spa, as well. Hence, this will give a complete idea for opening a spa business in Dubai.

Determining an ideal location

The next step is the determination of an ideal location which is a fundamental factor. Several features have to be considered for this. For being successful, competition has to be considered. For opening a spa in a competitive area, qualitative services would have to be provided.

You have to decide the strategies whether you can compete with other spas or not. The costs of the rent would also have to be considered. These locations would allow you to charge premium fees and build a solid client base that can justify the high cost of the rent.

Choosing a right name

For attracting potential customers, it has to be made sure that your spa in Dubai must have a good and unique name. The name must be like that it convinces the customers to pamper themselves from your spa in Dubai. Thus, a unique name has to be decided and approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Hence, you can move on to the next step for the setup of your lucrative spa business in Dubai.

Registration and Application of License

The spa business can not operate without proper documentation and verification in Dubai. For this, the following list of essentials must have to be provided to the government authorities of Dubai:

  • Passport copies
  • Passport size images
  • Entry visa or stamp page

The permitted license will be provided by the respective authorities for the smooth functioning of your spa business. Unfortunately, this is not the only permission. For permitting a spa license in Dubai successfully, many permits are also needed. Dubai Health and Safety Department in Dubai provides several permits for the setup of a spa. When the registration is done and the license has been granted, the next significant step must be followed for running a successful spa business in Dubai.

Rent a space

The next step is to rent a space. Renting a space is imperative for a productive spa setup in Dubai. For renting a space, a properly covered area must be considered. How will you divide the departments for hair and skin? Mostly, customers prefer spas in Dubai that are uncongested and acquire proper rooms for the services like manicures and pedicures. Thus, this should be considered as well.

In addition, you will have to get the space registered for the setup of the spa. After the completion of the registration, you will obtain the Ejari number along with a tenancy contract from the relevant authorities in Dubai. This will only happen upon the finalization of the name of your spa in Dubai.

Hiring a staff

Hiring staff is the most significant and fundamental factor for opening a spa in Dubai. Those staff must have been hired who are well-trained and experienced. This is a key element for the success of the spa. Your spa will be the best in town if the staff is cooperative and polite to the customers. They are the ones who will be providing hair and skin services to them. Thus, this will lead to an increase in efficiency, professionalism, and success of your spa business in Dubai.

In Dubai, there are a huge number of trained and experienced professionals in this field. Moreover, you can hire employees from foreign countries as well. To do this, their visa has to be sponsored by the spa business in Dubai as an employer.

How much will it cost to open a spa business in Dubai?

Opening a spa business in Dubai can be quite an expensive venture. This is because Dubai is costly in terms of the area and space for setting up the businesses. The rents in the areas are very high. Although, it mainly depends on the type of infrastructure you have set in your spa. Equipment charges, furniture, license fees, and staff wages have to be paid for this. Hence, these things can make it costly.

In conclusion, as a result, when these steps would be followed properly, it will lead to an establishment of a spa in Dubai. Although, the procedure is not difficult the proper guidelines will have to be followed for the setup of an authentic spa business in Dubai. Eventually, it will surely result in a successful, competitive, and flourishing business in Dubai.

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