Business start up in Dubai: your next and best step

As a young man or lady living in 2022, you think surely about business start up world at least for once in your life. No doubt that you know how huge the start up business in dubai is.
Simple but brilliant is always the concept of any successful idea. Here in this topic, we are going to help you to find out how start up business is a very sutible step for everyone.

Why business start up???

Business start up in Dubai

Regarding business, duplication of the already existing projects is not bad, but working on a new idea is the smartest. Finding out that idea is the hardest part of course. The question now; can we think about ideas or it’s like a revelation!??

The good news here that ideas can be found out by smart searching and studying. When you find out an idea, you can convert that to a multimillionaire lifestyle. That what is called Entrepreneurship or start up world. In my opinion; entrepreneurship is the best step nowadays for these reasons:

1- Ideas can be found out: search, search, and keep searching is the plan. Continuous studying the market and customers’ needs can easily lead to more ideas.
Thinking as a customer also helps a lot. To be sure that your idea is brilliant, it has to solve a problem or make a service easier.
2- Welcome to our digital world: we live in an unique century of course. Digitalisation of everything creates many ideas needed to catch up the speed revolution. Business Start up depending on internet are nowadays very easy and necessary at the same time which provide a lot of opportunities already.

3- Data availability: as we live the era of “science for every one” so, it’s easy to collect information, get a free consultation, make a plan and even find an investors or partners for your business.

4- Wealth is the end of the free work’s path rather than the job: you will never meet a millionaire from job salary!

The way to wealth coming through business whatever it is a traditional or updating one. Being updated helps you to short cut the way up to the real wealth. So start ups are perfect start and best step to wealth.
5- 100% business ownership: depending on your business activity. This benefit helps many investors to start their business in Dubai.
6- Low cost: especially if you choose E-commerce and/Or places like Dubai to launch your business. Dubai offers tax free benefits for businessmen and investors that is incredibly important especially in the first few years of the business.

Number 5 and 6 are specific benefits to explain why Dubai is the better choice to start your own business in. These are many other reasons we mentioned in previous article.

Most needed ideas and sectors to start up your business with.

Have a look worldwide and take notes. You can find top 8 sectors that are important for next 10 years at least.

• Health sector: any topic or idea related to health is important and needed. But there are two big medical sectors that are growing very fast; Mental health and preventive medicine. You can easily recognize the importance of both especially after facing COVID pandemic in the last two years.

• E- services: providing all services online as possible as you can. Any ideas around that can blow up very well.
• Water cleaning and purity: any idea or product concerning to water is important for at least next 50 years.

• Air purification: especially indoor air. Last few years with pandemic, the indoor air pollution increases markedly according to World Health Organization reports.
That pollution needs to be erased to keep healthier life for people. No one can survive without clean air.

• Green economy: Renewable Energy Sector including massive investments in sectors like Solar Energy. Choosing Dubai as a place where your business start up can encourage all ideas about green-tech projects. Dubai is already on track to becoming the leading Green Economy in the region.

• Sustainability: one of most important and updating sector is sustainability and environmental protection. This sector is growing very fast and the whole world needs more successful ideas at that par

• Artificial intelligence: the endless growing sector not only for next coming years but simply for next century.
• Protection from electronic waves: coinciding with 5 G version and further, protection from waves become a priority. This industry is huge and keeps growing every single second.

There are more and more sectors including thousands of ideas, to pick up one idea or even create one is our next point to discuss:

What is the right criteria for a perfect idea??

There is no fixed frame or line you must follow to find out your idea or make your best step. It’s completely variable and flexible, but there are some common criteria for successful ideas.

First of all, the idea has to be involved within one of needed sector at the market where you start. Also, keep the idea as simple as possible to allow wide range of modification and improving it. Being new or adding a new thing is very important for your idea.

Matching with customers’ needs and/ or expectations. Being affordable, as ideas that needs huge money are difficult to be started. Finally, make an expecting timeframe schedule to launch your idea to get a whole plan to reach up your vision and final target.

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