Simple Coffee Shop Business in Dubai – 6 steps

Coffee Shop Business in Dubai is quite easy to process. Many people wish to open a small business in Dubai so the idea of a coffee shop business is amazing. Because Dubai has secured a position in one of the most famous trade hubs in the world. And this success is because of the government of Dubai, which is ready to provide all kinds of facilities to large corporations as well as small businesses.

Coffee Shop Business plan in Dubai

Investors of small capital always try to invest in less risky businesses because they are afraid of losing their investment. So for these types of investors, it is the best option to invest in the food and beverage industry of Dubai. The coffee shop business in Dubai is not too risky and at the same time, it provides you with a great opportunity of capitalizing on the thriving food and beverages industry. This is because the food and beverage industry in Dubai is continuously rising.

After having an idea about this scenario, the best option for starting a small business with low investment in Dubai is a coffee shop. The coffee shop business is not just easy to start, it is a cost-effective, profitable, and simple business.

6 Steps Process to start a Coffee Shop Business in Dubai

For starting a coffee shop business in Dubai it is necessary to develop and document your business plan. The process to start a coffee shop business in Dubai encompasses the following steps:

  1. Registration/ Licensing of Business
  2. Selection of Location
  3. Architecture
  4. Basic Requirements and Equipment
  5. Present something Unique 
  6. Advertising and Marketing plan

Registration of Business

The most crucial step for setting up a coffee shop business plan in Dubai is the registration of the business. The License for the coffee shop in Dubai is provided by the Department of Economic Development and another license for food is required which will be provided by the Food Control Department. After retaining all of the required licenses, you will be able to start a coffee shop business in Dubai.

Selection of Location

The location has a very vital role in setting up the business plan for a coffee shop in Dubai. The selection of location depends upon your budget, objective, and vision. You have to think, as well, about your audience. If you are most likely ready to serve young audience, locate your coffee shop at the university. If you prefer lively community, go to Marina, downtown or touristic area. If you prefer quiet area, locate your business at the villas condominium.

If you want to gain a large profit from your business then you should preferably choose the places on the mainland which are accessible to people easily. Choosing a location that is nearer to commercial and residential areas is preferred because it will help in attracting a large number of customers and boosting your income. Apart from this, choosing a location that has less number of existing coffee shops is the best location to open a coffee shop in Dubai because it will obliterate the competition and ultimately will generate high value and revenue. 


When you are setting up a coffee shop business plan in Dubai, it is necessary to keep in mind that Dubai has a very passionate intention for the architecture of buildings. So after the selection of the location, it is important to have adequate infrastructure according to the guidelines of the Food Department of Dubai. 

Moreover, a coffee shop in Dubai must be consistent with a proper processing system, kitchen, store room, restroom, washroom, ventilation system, and spaces for disposal. 

If you want to add beauty to the coffee shop then use beautiful internal and external themes for your coffee shop. For inspiration, you can check here. Do not use the themes that cause bore to the people. It will be a plus point for the coffee shop. Try to have attractive architecture. Architecture is an important part of setting up a coffee shop business plan in Dubai.

Basic Requirements and Equipment

After having completed the architecture, to proceed with a coffee shop business plan in Dubai, it is essential to arrange the basic equipment for the coffee shop. It is required to have a stainless top for the kitchen stands, trolleys, cabinets, shelves, tables, racks, chairs, ice containers, and an exhaust system.

Besides that, the basic machines for coffee makers are also required like coffee makers, espresso makers, grinders for coffee, a dispenser of hot water, an oven, and an ice maker. 

Moreover, various accessories, like cups, spoons, pitchers, plates, syrups, refrigerator, display racks, sandwich maker table, and cleaning and washing equipment are also necessary. 

Present Something Unique – Taste and Flavour

The coffee shop business plan in Dubai is an easy task but there can be various coffee shops nearby so competition is a must. Although you have chosen the best place for a coffee shop in Dubai, it still needs to have different and unique features from the competitors. You can do various steps in this case, like :

as there are many flavors of coffee,  provide the customers with new flavors of coffee which are not available in the existing coffee shops in Dubai. 

Arrange some side food products that suit the coffee and are not available anywhere else like cake, pastries, biscuits etcetera.

You can provide your customers with some additional services like WiFi. 

All these features will make your coffee shop distinct from other ones in Dubai. And all these features will help in attracting more customers.

Advertising and Marketing plan

Setting up a coffee shop business in Dubai, requires a location, license, and appliances, it also needs a marketing plan for reaching a more number of people in different areas. 

Advertisement and marketing plan for setting up a coffee shop business plan in Dubai requires the advertising of coffee shops via billboards, print media, electronic media, and posters to reach a high number of customers. Furthermore, if you are adding something new to your coffee shop then add it to the advertisement. 

After completing all these steps, your coffee shop will generate considerable value and profit. It is a simple and convenient process for starting a coffee shop business in Dubai!

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