How to be a famous Influencer and get a license in Dubai?

Dubai National Media Council regulations

Days have gone since social media platforms are generally seen as an arena to just chat and have fun.

But thank goodness for the fast growth of technology. Now everything has changed.

Today, you can do lots of things on these modern platforms including making your business or brand seen and heard online.

And not only that, you can as well earn by becoming a social media trendsetter.

Social media influencing career ranked as one of the most popular and desirable career choices for lots of people nowadays.

Right now, influencers earn from $8,200 to $10,000 although depending on whether you are a mega influencer or just a micro-celebrity.

As the social media influencing industry keeps growing rapidly around the whole globe and also making big cash out from this career, the Dubai National Media Council (NMC) has come up with a new idea of taking the influencing industry to another level in a way to make it more legal and professional.

The NMC’s new idea to legalize the influencing industry states that all trendsetters who are paid directly for their posts on any social media should obtain an influencer license to operate legally.

Hence making it a law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a fashionista to get an influencing license before he or she could be allowed to become a legal trendsetter.

So are you a fashionista who wants to establish a career in social media for your brand and voice to be heard and as well earn in the influencing industry?

Do you need a license to become a professional social media influencer in Dubai?

If this sounds like you, then this amazing post is written just for you.

In this article, you’ll learn all about becoming a legal social media influencer, how to get an influencer license in Dubai, and the benefits that come with getting your influencing license in the Emirates.

Just along read as you learn all. But let’s first see who an influencer is.

Who is an influencer?

In a nutshell, an influencer is someone who builds a large audience or loyal followers on social media.

He or she generates these large followers by posting relevant topics regularly on their social handles or pages with the aim of promoting brands online, people’s products & services, and earning too.

Today, almost all business owners want their businesses to be seen and heard by a large audience to enhance their sales, making the influencing industry more desirable and competitive.

Hence to outshine your competitors in this fast-growing industry in Dubai, you have to make sure you get a license to enable you to run a smooth business without issues.

Having said that, now let’s also know what this Influencing license is all about.

What is an influencer license in Dubai?

Well, without wasting your time. A fashionista license is a document issued by the Dubai government through the National Media Council (NMC) to social media handlers who wish to make their social presence a career to earn.

This NMC law applies to both paid and unpaid forms of promoting any kind of goods, or services online and was made in a way to legalize the operation of social media trendsetters.

So that means as an influencer in UAE, you must obtain your influencer license in Dubai first before you will be permitted to operate a legal influencing business in the region.

I know in your mind right now, you are wondering how to get this influencer license to enable you to set up your influencing career.

Well, don’t worry about that, just read along to learn more.

7 simple tips on how to get an influencer license in Dubai

Getting your fashionista license in Dubai is not a hard task, yet there are some steps to follow up.

To start the process, you have to take the following actions below:

1. Apply for a trade license first

In Dubai, before you start up any type of business or company, you must have to provide a trade license first to enable you to get the trendsetter license you request for.

So as a small celebrity who wants to get his or her influencing license to set up your business, it’s advisable to, first of all, apply for your trading license to make the journey easier for you.

However, to make it easier and faster than ever to get your influencer license, you can follow the guidance of business experts like Masar AI Ameen – they give you the best concepts and results when it comes to getting any kind of business license in Dubai.

2. Choose a business or company name

If this is your first time setting up a business or company in the UAE, then you’ve to make sure to choose a business or company name before applying for your fashionista license because it’ll be needed when processing your trendsetters’ license applications.

Therefore, try to make this available in time to avoid delays.

Advise: in selecting a business or company’s name, you need to choose a unique name that has not been used by anyone else, not the initials of your name but your full name, and also make sure that your business name does not go against Dubai laws or contain any abusive word in it.

3. Choose a good location

To set up or get a trendsetter license in Dubai, you must have to choose a good location that suits your business.

If possible and you want to spend less, then you can opt to choose from the free zone area that comes with great privileges such as tax exemptions and lots more.

4. Get your other documents ready

This is the next step to getting your influencer license in Dubai.

Of course, there are some other documents needed before you can get an influencer license in Dubai, and such documents include:

  • Your Emirates ID number.
  • A scanned passport photocopy.
  • Your Residential Visa.
  • A copy of your signature and that of your business partners, if any.
5. Fill out the application form

Here, you need to make sure you fill the spaces with the right information especially your full name and the rest of them to deter issues in the future.

6. Apply for your influencer license

By the time you are through with filling out all the necessary forms, providing the vital documents, and choosing a business name and location, then the next step is to apply directly to the National Media Council for your influencer license.

You can visit their website to apply. 

7. Make your payments

This is the last stage of getting your influencer license in Dubai.

What is the cost of an influencer license?

The total cost of obtaining an influencer license in Dubai ranges from AED15,500 to AED20,000.

After making this payment and submitting your application, within just a few minutes or approximately a day, the Dubai government agency in charge of issuing the document will review it to see if your information is correct, then they will issue you an influencer license to enable you to operate your business legally. 

Advise: know that this influencer license issued to you will be valid for a year after which you need to renew it to avoid attracting sanctions from the Dubai government.

Having said all that, now let’s see the advantages of getting your influencer license.

Wanna become an Influencer, read here how you can do it. Watch and listen to some tips here.

Follow some influencers and learn from them, as well.

4 unique benefits of getting an influencer license in Dubai

Getting your license in Dubai comes with a lot of benefits that are too numerous to mention and that’s why we have selected the most vital ones to discuss in this post.

Below are the benefits:

1. High demand for services: with the way businesses and company owners are in a haste to make their products seen and be heard by many numbers of people online, social media influencers have leveraged the opportunity to make their presence matter and as well earn millions of dollars.

So as an influencer, getting your influencer license to operate legally is a reasonable step to earn too.

2. Quick and easy process: Dubai government has supported influencing business by making sure that the process of getting a business license is quite easy.

3. Zero currency restrictions: getting your business license will give you ample opportunity to operate your business without any currency restrictions.

4. 100% tax rate exemptions: when you get a license to legalize your influencer business in Dubai, you can now have to enjoy a 100% tax exemption.

Final words

In past years, making your brand known to a larger audience on social media was a kind of difficult to achieve.

Then people only use social media just for chatting with friends and family members.

Today as an influencer license owner in Dubai, you can earn millions of dollars just by making your brand or other people’s products seen and heard by a large number of people on social media.

Hence, making the influencing industry more lucrative, as earlier stated a social media influencer earns close to $10000 or more.

However, now that you have read and understood how to get an influencer license in Dubai, it will be easy for you to go get yours and start making some cool cash from the influencing world.

However, the process of getting this influencer license in Dubai can be complex and tedious sometimes for foreigners like you who are not yet rooted in the country’s environment – hence we recommend that you contact a professional business consultant Masar AI Ameen, they will help you get the necessary documents faster by running the errands for you to make the process of getting your license easier.

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