Is it expensive to live in Dubai? 6 reasons to move to Dubai

Is it expensive to live in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most beautiful and incredible countries you would love to move into and feel comfortable because of its amazing environment and convenient lifestyle.

Presently, Dubai has over 5 million people living in the city. With this growing massive population from Asia and other countries, lots of people are planning to move in either for work, study, or to set up a business.

Are you planning to move to Dubai as well and wish to know the cost of living in the region?

Whether you are moving to Dubai for study, work or to set up a new business, whichever one you have in mind, know that it’s important to learn about Dubai and be aware of the cost of living and other things before moving in.

In this post, we are going to reveal to you everything you need to know about the cost of living and the reason to move to Dubai.

Read on as you learn all.

6 reasons to move to Dubai

Well, without wasting your time, the answer to this question is No.

As you know that living in Dubai is economical compared to living in some other major parts of the world such as New York, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should consider moving to Dubai

You will enjoy:

  1. Medical or health care insurance.
  2. Quality education for your kids.
  3. Affordable public transportation.
  4. High-paying job opportunities.
  5. Easy to set up businesses.
  6. Peaceful and friendly environment.

Having said that, now let’s examine these 6 points one after the other.

Medical or healthcare insurance

One of the reasons why Dubai attracts more foreigners each year is because of the excellent health care system it provides for both the locals and foreigners living in the country.

The Dubai government has provided free health care services for the indigenous people and affordable medical care to make the city standard and accommodating to its citizens.

You will enjoy this privilege when you move to Dubai, you do not have to spend much in terms of fixing or taking care of your health and that of your family members. All you’re required to do is ensure you have a Card. The price of health care cards ranges from AED100 for adults and AED 250 for kids below 18 years.

Quality education for you or your kids

Another vital thing to consider moving to Dubai is the quality of education and enabling learning environment the country has.

Dubai has a bunch of institutes with various disciplines and excellent staff who have what it takes to see that the students are well taught.

The major language used to teach in public schools in Dubai is Arabic. However, don’t be disturbed by this, because most private academies teach using English. But you can still learn Arabic to enjoy the ride and culture more.

The rate of education over there is quite reasonable and greatly differs from other countries in the world, and as such, you can comfortably start and finish any course of your choice with the total expenditures for a graduate degree or an undergraduate degree from AED 60,400 to AED 100,00 or less.

Affordable public transportation

Dubai being the heart of the Emirates allows you to live any kind of life you want whether you are from a rich or middle background.

There are lots of different public bus stations for students, workers, and individuals to feel comfortable and save costs.

Living, studying, and working in Dubai will be easier for you if you own your car, but if you can also take public transport it’s the best and the cheapest means of riding in the region. It doesn’t cost more than 5$ daily to and fro your place of work or business area.

Remember the analysis here solely depend on the distance of where you are going to or coming from. Though no matter anywhere you reside, you shouldn’t be spending more than 400$ on transportation per year.

High-paying job opportunities

Dubai is one of the cities that has lots of job opportunities and yet the most affordable location for foreigners like you.

The high availability of high-paying job opportunities is among the reasons why so many people who are goal oriented consider moving to the country to work in a conducive environment and be paid in dollars.

As a foreigner, have in mind that finding yourself a job could be tough initially but with certainty and consistency, you’ll secure a good position suitable for you.

Easy to set up businesses

According to research, there are several companies and businesses in Dubai that are owned and managed by expatriates like you.

So if that’s what you want, then you have to take steps on how to start your business in the country.

Setting up your business in Dubai is somehow easy but if you need a faster hand to help you in this regard, you can always seek the best business consultant Masar AI Ameen – we’ll help make your journey of starting a new business in the Emirates straightforward for you.

Understand that Dubai is a country with a stable and strong economy, which means your business will do exceptionally well.

Peaceful and friendly environment

Dubai is a nation with abundant wealth, beautiful, peaceful people with a friendly environment designed to serve a population of about millions times its size.

Now let’s take a look at the cost of food, housing, and other aspects that is necessary for a standard of living.

The cost of renting a house

Renting a house is also affordable though depending on the side of the country you live in.

The cost of renting a room apartment is approximately AED 4,800 in the city but to rent a 2 to 3-bedroom flat apartment for you and your family should be around AED10,500 or more.

if you choose to live in the Dubai mainland, have in mind that a mainland zone is a well-ventilated place that the government has put a lot of effort into and so can sometimes be costly. It is the home to most of the celebrities and notable people living in the UAE, and so before you decide to live in this kind of place, you need to have at least close to $10,400 or more.

However, one of the benefits of living in the cities or the mainland of Dubai is that there is extra security and a good atmosphere.

Food price

Another thing that makes Dubai a good and affordable place to move into is the inexpensive cost and the availability of food in that region.

Food price is affordable and the country to be honest has a lot of delicacies to taste!

Hence you shouldn’t be spending that much on food even if you decide to dine in a restaurant or cafe, you should be spending less than $10 daily. But if you’ve enough time to prepare yourself a meal each time, it will help save you a lot of costs compared with other cities around the globe.

Furthermore, other things such as the cost of your clothing, entertainment, and other things depend on your lifestyle.

In conclusion

Certainly, Dubai is enriched with a nice and strong economy, Internationally reputable schools, sweet views of the cities, political stability, and lots more.

The Dubai government has made the country accommodating for both the locals and the tourists, hence making living over there easy and less expensive and that’s why many people choose to move in, in large numbers.

Lots of people who had moved into Dubai are exceptionally doing well in both their careers and otherwise.

However, if you are considering moving to Dubai, and worried about the cost of living, we hope the information here helps you to understand better now.

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