Living in Dubai – 7 important things you should know

living in Dubai

What time of year is best to live in Dubai?

Living in Dubai entails deciding to stay in the Arabian desert. Extreme temperatures are a result of such, particularly during the summer.

From May through September, when temperatures soar and people can barely manage to run from air-conditioned cars to air-conditioned residences, you definitely don’t want to be spending time in Dubai.

It might be advisable for you to travel to Dubai around that time since many ex-pats do.

Sandstorms are also rather common in Dubai, despite the fact that there is seldom any rainfall to speak of. These not only reduce visibility but may also make it difficult to breathe and halt airport operations.

The best neighborhood in Dubai 

Living in Dubai considered, there are no street addresses in Dubai, hence the neighborhoods are ill-defined. This means that getting a package delivered could be a complete disaster, but if you can get over that, Dubai has many neighborhoods with various attractions.

The action is downtown. If you lived in Dubai, you wouldn’t need to venture out of this neighborhood because there are so many cafes, places to go out at night, and services galore nearby.

Another well-liked area for both mooring yachts and residing in the Marina. Go people-watching by the water while making use of the many eateries and ideal private beach clubs that are nearby.

What is the quality of life living in Dubai?

We developed the Nomad Quality of Life Index in an effort to assist our clients in selecting a base where they would lead fulfilling lives.

In order to determine how appropriate a city is for Nomad Capitalists looking to lead a global lifestyle, we evaluate six different characteristics for each city on the index and assign a score to each one on a scale of one to 10. We then combine these scores into a weighted formula to produce a final score.

What is the cost of living in Dubai?

Living in Dubai is readily comparable to those in London or New York. One of the most costly areas in the world to live.

On average, cafes and restaurants are very pricey; think $12 beers and $5 cappuccinos. Additionally, groceries are not exactly inexpensive due to the fact that everything must be imported because it is a desert.

Luxury apartments in prime locations can easily run $5,000 per month to rent, but at least there are many available homes. A good rental flat will be less expensive.

How safe is living in Dubai? 

Did you know that the police in Dubai operate Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis?

And yeah, it’s all for the show because Abu Dhabi is the second-safest city in the region after Dubai. It is safer than Rome and Beijing, per The Economist’s Safe Cities Index.

That is amazing considering how diverse the city is. In contrast, muggings and pickpocketing are unheard of in Dubai. Actually, living in Dubai is a great safety.

That is presumably due to the country’s strong regulations, which are strictly upheld, and the extremely low crime rates as a result. Tourists and ex-pats are unlikely to have safety concerns.

What are the Entertainment options for living in Dubai?

There are several locations in Dubai where you can blow your money. Living in Dubai can be truly a great experience. If you have the money, Dubai has it all—luxury shopping, indoor skiing, yachting, and virtually anything else in between.

Although it is theoretically illegal for inhabitants of Dubai to imbibe alcohol, licensed bars and clubs in Dubai offer enough of it to foreign tourists and ex-pats.

What are the best places to eat and drink in Dubai?

Simply put, the food scene in Dubai is insane. Since there are so many nationalities represented, you can try all types of cuisines.  

  • Pierchic Restaurant: With sweeping views of the Arabic Gulf and a Mediterranean seafood menu, this restaurant will please even the most sophisticated tastes. 
  • Ruya Restaurant: Have you ever tried an Anatolian restaurant? Drawing inspiration from the past, Ruya serves food that’s perfect for sharing. Unwind at the Marina. 
  • Indigo by Vineet: Michelin stars are always a great indicator of quality and Indego by Vineet is no different. This will be the place where you eat some of the most delicious Indian food you’ve ever had. 
  • Nobu: Offering traditional Japanese fare with a South American twist, Nobu is another crowd-pleaser in Dubai. Located at the Atlantis on The Palm, it offers a unique experience.
  • Ronda Locatelli: This restaurant is run by Giorgio Lucatelli, a chef who earned his first Michelin star back in 1999. For over two decades, he’s delighted the world with amazing Italian flavors, and now he does exactly that at the Ronda Locatelli within the Atlantis (The Palm) resort in Dubai.

How open is the culture to outsiders?

Considering living in Dubai, we can ask the question what about the languages spoken in the UAE? Arabic is not necessary to succeed in Dubai. The most often used language is English. As a result, even though Arabic is the official tongue, you may survive without it.

Additionally, it is safe to presume that Dubai is very welcoming of visitors given that 80 percent of its population is international. This will undoubtedly be the case if you’re a wealthy man. You’ll be well-liked.

In Dubai, where people move in and out frequently, friendships are transient. Expats frequently choose to make acquaintances with those who are like them.

Although living in Dubai requires a cultural adjustment, you can still have fun

If you follow the criteria, moving to the UAE can be your ideal relocation. Friday is a holy day in Islam. The weekend used to be on Friday and Saturday, with Sunday being the first day of the work week. To adjust to the global economy, since the beginning of 2022, the weekend has been moved to Saturday and Sunday, leaving half of the holy day of Friday for prayer for Muslim employees and the rest of half of the day for the family.

In the same time, Friday and Saturday are the perfect days for some alcohol-fueled fun but don’t talk about it at work because drinking is still stigmatized. The majority of Dubai’s pubs provide happy hours, and there are several establishments with liquor permits. While there are numerous brunch alternatives with limitless food and drink, women can also enjoy ladies’ night, which can be held every single day!

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