Easy way to take a decision and start a business in Dubai

Thinking about start a business in Dubai leads you automatically to three main choices:
Mainland – offshores – and free zones.
To take a decision is not an easy way, as every choice has some benefits which are more suitable surely for one rather than others.

To be sure you get the right choice, let’s present the differences among them in short to highlight the main points.

Start a business with some information about Mainland:

Mainland is considered the prime area to accomplish business activities. The best advantage of Mainland is 100% foreign ownership without any restrictions.
That is highly attractive for foreign investors to start business in Dubai. Mainland companies are also known as onshore companies. Mainland area can offer you four main licenses:

1- Professional license.
2- Commercial license.
3- Industrial license.
4- Tourism license.

Each license has the same benefits except in professional license you need to find a local agent. Other licenses not.
Besides that, you have a great opportunity with tax exemption and no minimum capital required. Businessmen and businesswomen especially who own small businesses highly appreciate the last point.
Mainland also allows you to take office space anywhere in UAE. However, you can do trading inside or outside Emirates. It is a completely easy way to take a decision and start a business.
For further details about Mainland, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

Offshore business setup

Financially, the term “offshore” is used to define any business or investment made outside the country. Since formation of that kind of business in early 2003, the UAE has quickly taken the space of being attracting business hub in the MENA region. Also, Dubai itself is one of the most growing International Financial Centres worldwide.

Here some of benefits that helping you take a decision and choose offshore company:
• Low Startup Cost
• Allowing to register Dubai address
• Speedy and precise process
• Tax exemption
• Globally Respected Jurisdiction
• Flexibility and very easy way
• Favourable Legal Framework
• Multi-currency bank accounts
• No foreign currency restrictions

Above all theses benefits, no need for a shareholder to be physically available comes on top. Simply you do not need to have a visa in the UAE too as you don’t need to be present. So, don’t worry about visa fees and renewals throughout your business journey.

Finally there are the last choice to start a business in Dubai:

Free zones

For your information; here are over 20 Free Zones in Dubai. All of course offer 100% foreign ownership and tax-free benefits like previous choices. Besides that, Some zones characterises with focusing on certain industries, so you’ll have to make sure to do your research before choosing the right Free Zone for your business setup.

It’s better to be among same companies at the same field you take a decision to start a business in. For example; if you are interested in technology business; any idea about technology; you have to think seriously about Dubai Internet City Business Setup. That will be your easy way to start your business. This zone has the Middle East’s biggest ICT infrastructure. It’s designed to boost technology, education, new media, and science. Where you can find the world’s top internet and communications technology companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Canon, and more.

There are also a lot of networking opportunities, commercial offices, business centres, and conference facilities in this Free Zone. As a businessman interested in technology, you will not need more to take a decision and start a business there. And besides that, you already get these benefits:

  • 100% ownership
  • Tax exemption
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Flexibility and successful plans
  • Lesser renewal charges
  • Easy access to customers as you are among many companies with same speciality.

Before we finish explaining this part, there is a note about difference between Free zone company and Free zone establishment. While both have the same functions and benefits, there are different requirements regarding the share capital.

Now, you are familiar somehow with terms: Mainland – offshore – Free zone
So, let’s share some details with you that may help in your next steps.

Although setting up a business in Dubai is pretty easy, there are still some important legal procedures you have to know about and go through. Many decisions have to be taken perfectly. So many details have to be noticed and well covered. Wherefore and to avoid any delays or mistakes, we advise you to think seriously about consulting our expert team to make it easy way for you. We are ready and happy to serve you. We can arrange every single step reaching the final step smoothly. Also, don’t forget to check our article about all papers needed for your business setup, sure it will help. When it’s the time and wherever your choice to setup your business at, we are here to help you across all parts of UAE.

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