Best business ideas with low investment in Dubai for Entrepreneurs


Searching for insightful business ideas with low investment, after the declaration of Central Bank, had raised the interest rate by 0.5% rate hike, which is the highest increase in more than 20 years. Becoming an urgent need to generate ideas, which would create worthy business ideas for beginner entrepreneurs.

The business world today is turning upside down. At this crucial time, innovators and entrepreneurs shouldn’t panic at all, and start thinking about business set ups with limited resources.

The future in business is for those who keep innovating and create a need to fulfil it, unlike the pessimistic ideas about saving money in stable aspects!

 This is the time for you to take the risk and create your business ideas. Innovators’ capital is their talented minds!

Dubai will be your right destination to set up your business with low investment, as it is considered the Silicon Valley of the UAE and the largest business hub in the Middle East, with political stability, no tax, economic sustainability and well-built infrastructure. Dubai is your distinctive target.

In this article, we will be inspired by best  low investment applicable business ideas in case you are still thinking about them.

Digital marketing 

It is a vast direction now for all the business owners, to get the ultimate use of digital media to promote their kpis and raise their annual sales. You could also start by working with other start-ups in Dubai, to build a strong portfolio on your way to professionalism.

 The whole world turned into a small digital planet, with the high speed of digital tech development and the industrial digital revolution. Digital marketing agencies become more required to promote a lot of brands’ digital channels and establish their astonishing identity. With a variety of digital marketing specialisations, you could choose one of them and identify your agency services as experts in it, in order to grasp more clients.

Digital Marketing Types

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Pay per click
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

Kicking starts your creative marketing agency business ideas with low investment. It will not cost you a lot in the beginning. The more you build a good reputation and noticeable success numbers, the more your business will grow more and more.

Online homemade cooked food

Homemade food.

Nothing like a healthy tasty home food meal. A lot of famous restaurants started from small homes and kitchens with low investment. Regarding the variety of nationalities and food interests in Dubai, you could start your food business ideas based on this advantage.

Promote your food services will be established in the food quality and the creativity in serving different dishes from national and international cuisines. 

You could also focus on making calorie counted meals for people who want to lose weight with busy lifestyles or expats. It’s an easy business  idea to promote! All you need! Create social media business pages and accounts and serve top-quality tasty dishes and people will come to your door! Just select your suitable food niche and start to work, whether it is traditional cuisine food, baking or healthy diet meals.

Maintenance and cleaning of online services

Online services vary a lot nowadays.

With a lot of migrants and handymen in Dubai, you could create plenty of job opportunities for them. Whether creating a website or mobile application to promote your business ideas related to vast handyman services, you will fill the constant need of firms, houses and persons to provide trusty, skilful and professional services. Handymen, all you need is to precisely select your employee, serve an elegant quality service and your company will lead. Besides all of this, you will help a lot of people to work and the clients to not worry about handy technical problems and decent clean services. You could also promote your cleaning services by offering eco-friendly cleaning stuff.

Eco-friendly business ideas with low investment

Cleaning services.

Green business ideas and sustainability  have huge support from the UAE government. Whoever is concerned about sustainability and the global ecosystem, dozens of green business ideas  with low investment would attract people’s attention.

You could start with a thrift clothing shop, used book store, garden planning or even green consultations tutoring about decreasing your carbon footprint. Even more!

Two business partners discussing new strategies and ideas.

Open your green gift shop and offer your merchandise on social media with daily blogs on how to spread awareness about sustainability! You could even start fashion designing and making clothes from eco-friendly materials or offer recycling old clothes for new ones. Creativity in this business has no limits!

In conclusion, we wanted to hint that the business world is always changeable. The real innovator must evaluate the situation, set a goal and go for it. All the economic statistics encourage the young entrepreneurs to invest even with low business budgets and take advantage of all business hub facilities. Maybe today is your time to start doing something creative, as well?

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