5 powerful reasons why to have business in Dubai?

have business in dubai

You may ask yourself why there is a viral mania lately about the numerous benefits to have business in Dubai! Your main question should be why you are not expanding your business in Dubai yet. The pearl of UAE and the Asian East Coast was selected to be the biggest business hub in the GCC and pioneer economic leader in the MENA region. Furthermore, the UAE was selected as number one in the entrepreneurship business ranking this year globally, also as the most supportive economic country for foreigners, and the one that has many of the top leader’s enterprises in the category of youth business owners.

So far the sheds of the latest economic world disturbances, starting from the upcoming recession and the predicted war, all of this should motivate you to rethink investing your money in a financially stable ecosystem and a safe country. And you wouldn’t find a better place rather than Dubai!

In this article, I will give you the most objective and logical reasons why to have business in Dubai particularly.

Zero Red-tape

Being the pioneering business hub in the GCC and the Middle East leads Dubai to automate a lot of governmental sectors, and get rid of any bureaucratic time wasting and obstacles that might affect foreign investors’ final decisions, or cost them a lot at the beginning of setting up their business in Dubai. You could finish all the procedures and get your business license by yourself, or by asking for the help of professionals to guarantee efficiency and time savvy.

Masar – Al Ameen is one of the top corporates in the field of setting up business in Dubai which is the perfect choice to help you have business in Dubai. You will feel free to seek help and professional objective business consultations, besides the precision and practical suggestions, and smart business solutions. Trust, fidelity, and confidentiality of your information will be in a trustworthy hands. Time kills deals, so don’t hesitate to take a step now!

The city of SMEs

Whatever the budget and financial ability, you can start an activity, trade, or provide services in the Emirates due to the different conditions, requirements, and expenses of living, and the different costs of establishing companies between each Emirate, and the types of companies available.

It is noticeable in the Emirates, especially Dubai, the high human density and the permanent influx of people, whether they are owners of capital, investors, or skilled labor, which led to the presence of many needs for different projects and an increase in demand for products and services, so it is the best place you can start your trade or industry or provide your services in it. And the audience is there.

Dubai’s government supports entrepreneurs and investors and facilitates all services and needs to start a business or activity in Dubai. To have business in Dubai, you don’t need to be a billionaire! Just grab your creative idea, set up a feasibility study, and go on! As they said the perfect time to start your own business was yesterday! But can be also – TODAY!

Have business in Dubai and expand your network

Dubai leveraged its strong infrastructure and modern technology, which qualified it to host the most important conferences, events, and global activities all related to the business world. Through those activities you will have the opportunity to meet business gurus, learn from them, expand your work network and upgrade your business to the next level. Nowadays half of your business success relies on your strong network! The other half comes from your endeavoring and pursuit of all the available opportunities and you will find a lot of them if you have business in Dubai!

Quality of life in everything!

To have business in Dubai would give you all the privileges the foreign investors have there! Including the residency facilitations, zero taxes, and excellent hospitality as the citizens there and ex-pats believe in the concept of living in a multicultural community and are open up to diverse backgrounds from other civilizations. Besides, the luxurious lifestyle of the city participants has a lot to reshape it, to be one of the most delicate cities in the world! Just imagine you will get all those perks just if you have business in Dubai.

DP World

To have business in Dubai, you will embrace the benefits of DP World which are considered one of the world’s leading companies in the field of logistics. This company manages the most important ports of Dubai, including Jebel Ali Port and Port Rashid. (The largest ports in the Emirates).

Especially Jebel Ali Port, which ranked ninth among the largest ports in the world, and represents the biggest success of DP World in the field of maritime transport, is considered one of the most important and famous ports of the United Arab Emirates in the world. Leading the marine and commercial world, Jebel Ali Port also has a capacity of more than 19.3 million containers and includes 180 shipping lines, in addition to providing more than 80 weekly services in cooperation with 140 ports around the world.

Safety and political stability

At those time all of the stakeholders and venture capitals searching for the safest and most stable places to invest their savings there, to have business in Dubai would guarantee you the safest investment at the current time, especially if you are thinking to invest in the Real Estate or want to set up your own factory there, you will find a lot of insurance, and land renting facilitations laws and procedures, as it’s a governmental trend to attract foreign investments and pave the ecosystem for businessmen.

In a nutshell, we want to encourage you about thinking wisely, about the most worthy places and fields you could invest in, taking into consideration the bare minimum risk and the advantages you will gain from having your business in Dubai!

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