How to open a healthy growing travel agency in Dubai? 

Travel agency in Dubai

It is important to focus on how to open a healthy growing travel agency in Dubai not only an agency with no growth plan. As well known, Dubai is one of the best destinations for tourism. And on top of preferred cities in tourism during winter. Due to suitable weather and a wide variety of sightseeing, the period between November till April is the best time for visiting Dubai. Consequently, the tourism business is booming especially after the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in that kind of business, this article is specific to that. 

How to open a travel agency in Dubai?

Types of licenses needed for travel agency

Any type of agency or project needs a license in Dubai. Licenses differ according to several items like investors, papers needed, inside or outside Dubai, and services. To set up a travel agency in Dubai, you have to choose between a limited liability company or a sole proprietorship.

There are three common licenses needed for travel agencies: 

  1. Travel agency license as a travel agent.  
  2. Inbound tourism license. 
  3. Outbound tourism license.

The important steps before you start

Before you set up your travel agency, you must know the important steps as following:

  1. You have to establish the company inside Dubai or one of its free zones
  2. As a foreigner, you will need a local agent to register the company on your behalf.
  3. Know the difference between a limited liability company and a sole proprietorship to easily detect your suitable type.
  4. Check all fees needed including taxes and VAT registration and legal cost for travel agency license according to the latest update.
  5. If you choose to set up your agency in the free zone, you will be able to fully control your business with no need for local partner.
  6. Deposit a particular amount of money in the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce. 

Activities of the travel agency in Dubai

The tourism business is a strongly growing business in Dubai. That simply makes opening a travel agency in Dubai an excellent decision. Whether for local or foreign investors. The travel agency can offer many activities to customers like: 

  • Booking flight tickets and accommodations. 
  • Giving enough support to complete Visas.
  • Helping in providing transportation. 
  • Allowance to get suitable and flexible programs to visit attractive sightseeing in the destination where they go to.
  • Supporting how to get legal or medical help in case of emergencies. 
  • Awareness about services offered.

Now, you get initial information about the travel agency business. Of course, you are excited to take a step. But, just a minute! Let’s take a while to think deeply: what will be your point of strength in your coming business!? Every investor aims only for one fixed thing whatever the business, which is: attracting more loyal customers. So, before you start any project, ask yourself about your attractive point. Maybe it’s unique service, amazing offers, flexible services, extra benefits, or an unforgettable experience. Regarding traveling and tourism, creating amazing and joyful memories always wins.

Ideas to attract more customers

  1. Offer flexible programs that allow customers to customize their trips.
  2. Instead of making a sale offer, make a cash-back one. That will encourage many to repeat it again with your agency. 
  3. Perfect and fast communication is one of the best services that attract customers. 
  4. Great hospitality whether the customer accepts the service or not.
  5. Keep touching old customers. 
  6. Add awareness brochures for first-time travelers. It will make them feel assured. 

How much will it cost to open a travel agency in Dubai?

The updated information about starting a travel agency in Dubai varies from one agency to another according to how big the company is, the number of investors who need visas, and the activities performed by the agency. Anyway, it can be starting from 35,000 AED  minimum in the case of one person company for example. The increasing number of investors will increase the basic capital needed automatically. 

It’s important to notice that the tourism sector in UAE contributes about 10% of the UAE’s GDP annually, which evokes the government to pay attention to the tourism sector very well. That incredibly small country welcomes almost 18-20 million tourists every single year. They are from 200 countries. That means UAE attracts the whole world literally. 

In case you reach this part of the article, it means you are highly interested in the travel agency business. It’s a good step for sure to put the tourism sector a priority. Fill out an application, choose a company name, apply for a license, rent a place, register your license, apply for employees’ visas, and finally set up your bank account. With these few steps, you should have your own travel agency in Dubai! Now you are ready to establish one! Congratulations!

How can Masar Al Ameen help you to start your business?!

In Masar Al Ameen business hub, they can support your ideas until they become a reality with a professional team and many different experts all kinds of business steps, all requirements needed, and all information will be available once you contact this helpful team. The tourism sector has an extra focus in its office. They will help you step by step not only to set up your travel agency in Dubai but also to see it grow in a healthy way. They also support variable slogans that help a lot in tourism refreshment. For example: “move to Dubai”, “your best step” “Dubai, where the dreamland is”, “worth watching places to visit” and so on.

In short, check their working hours and get an appointment, then the steps will run smoothly. Any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact them. 

Masar Al Ameen will be honored to serve you!

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