Fast and easy process of Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

Product registration – is it necessary?

Dubai is seen as the international hub of trade in the Middle East, and because of this, lots of new entrepreneurs have wish to start up their companies or businesses in this region.

New products are being manufactured, imported, exported and traded in the UAE in large quantities through its ports each year.

With such a high volume of trade, hence the Dubai government come up with a regulation that could control the establishment of proper product procedures, and this is enforced by-products control Dubai Municipality (DM).

This authority intends to ensure the safety and quality of imported & re-exported products in the country.

So it, therefore, means that before you could be allowed to produce, export, or import any product in the UAE, you must have to register it first with the Dubai Municipality.

However, if you are looking for a way to register your product in the UAE, then this article will give you insights into what registration of the products is and how to go about the registration of the products process in the Dubai Municipality.

With that being said, read on as you learn all.

What is product registration in Dubai Municipality?

Well, in nutshell, this simply means the process of submitting the required information about the product you want to register to the Dubai Municipality, which after submitting the information, the authorities involved need to access it to ensure you meet the requirements of registering such product in their country.

The aim of it, is to control which products come into the Dubai market to checkmate the eligible authority with which importers, exporters, and local manufacturers produce, and also ensure that consumers stay safe.

How to register products in Dubai Municipality?

There are steps and processes in the Dubai Municipality.

Here we have listed out the right steps to follow to register your product.

Here are the steps:

  1. Have a valid trading license.
  2. Create an account on the DM portal.
  3. Arrange your documents.
  4. Fill out the application forms.
  5. Pay the required fees.
  6. Submit your application.

Now let’s discuss these 6 above processes one after the other for easy understanding.

1. Have a valid trading license

If you want to register your product in the Dubai Municipality, then this is the very first and mandatory requirement you need to meet before going for registration.

The Dubai government has set policies and regulations for new entrepreneurs to get a trading license to be allowed to trade in the region.

Hence, you are obligated to acquire this certificate beforehand if you want to successfully register your product in Dubai Municipality.

2. Create an account on the DM portal

The next important thing to do after getting a trading license is to create an account on the Dubai Municipality account because registration can only be done through the website of the Municipality.

So how do you create this account?

Well, it’s quite easy.

You have to login to their website.

Sign up and get a password.

Click create an account.

Click on the space for product registration.

Check the list of documents required for the Dubai municipality guideline.

Put in your right details and click “submit”. And that’s all. You have successfully created an account with them.

3. Arrange your documents

By the time you have created your account and have taken note of the needed documents for product registration in the UAE.

Then you can now ensure you get these documents available on time.

Below are the things that are required.

  • Your valid trading license: as stated above this is one of the vital things you must provide if you want to register your product in Dubai.
  • Product name and image: this is also noteworthy. You have to choose a unique image for your product. Ensure that the name and image did not go against the laws of the Emirates to avoid issues.
  • A copy of your label assessment: it is compulsory to have information on your product label packaging in both Arabic and English. So make sure to comply with the rules.

Here are statutes for the information that should be on the product label:

  • Your brand name.
  • Product name.
  • Product ingredients if it’s edible.
  • Nutritional information must be stated on the label.
  • Warning if any ingredients cause need special use instructions or not.
  • Product usage instructions.
  • Manufacturer details.
  • Product Barcode and Batch Number.
  • Net weight of the product.
  • Product storage conditions.
  • Production and Expiration dates.

Also, check below

The list of products eligible for registration in UAE
  1. Pharmaceutical products.
  2. Cosmetic products.
  3. Food products.
Banned products in the Emirates
  1. Alcoholic beverages.
  2. Cigarette or cannabis.
  3. Narcotic drugs.
  4. Gambling pertinent products.
  5. Goods or products made in Israel, etc.
4. Fill out the application forms

When you are sure that you have all the vital documents for your product registration ready.

The next thing to do is to log in to the already created account on their portal, and fill in the blank space with your right information, such as your name, product name, etc.

5. Pay the necessary fees

It is mandatory to pay some fees because you must have to fill in the details during the application form filling.

The total amount for registering products in the Dubai Municipality is around $100, although this solely depends on the kind of product, and a number of products you want to register.

6. Submit your application

At this stage, you have filled the forms, make the essential payment, review the information you filled is correct, and if it’s true, then click submit.

Now the Dubai Municipality will take over the other operations. They are going to check whether the information on the product label you provided meets the DM guideline.

Furthermore, they will also review the type or ingredients of your product and may however ask for your product lab testing if it’s edible to ascertain its quality and safety for consumers.

And if your product is good for consumption and you met all the product registration requirements of the Dubai Municipality, you will be issued a certificate within just an interval of 7 working days.

However, if you want to make your journey of product registration in Dubai Municipality easy for you, it is recommended you meet our Product Registration Team Masar AI Ameen – they will assist you to get the mandatory documents fast, take over the complete process and follow up with you from the start till you will be offered your product registration certificate.

3 amazing benefits of registering your product in Dubai

There are lots of benefits but we are going to state the most 3 valuable ones.

They are as follows:

  1. Unrestricted trading: by the time your product is registered, you can now enjoy the freedom to place your product in Dubai Municipality and the local markets.
  2. It gives your product protection: having your product fully registered in Dubai gives your business strong protection against bumps in the future.
  3. Free to import and export your product to any country of your choice, this excludes goods made in Israel.

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Final words

Product registration is a procedure that requires you to submit information about your new product on the Dubai Municipality website or portal.

After you must have filled out and submitted your application to register your product, the Dubai Authority will check whether the information on the product label you provided meets the DM guideline.

They will also review the ingredients of your product and may however ask for your product lab testing if it’s edible to ascertain its quality and safety for consumers.

And if your product is good for consumption and you met all the product registration requirements of the Dubai Municipality, you will be issued an electronic certificate within just an interval of 7 working days.

Having learned about the process involved in product registration in Dubai Municipality, we hope the information here will help you as you embark on the journey of getting your product registered.

But if you need a capable and professional consultant to assist in making your journey easy and simple, you can rely on our friendly team Masar AI Ameen – they have a verified decent record in products registration in Dubai Municipality and they make sure you will be provided with the right product registration guides and do a follow up till you complete the process.

Remember to comment below if you think there is more to add to the above list.

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