8 strangest incredible worthy-watching places in Dubai

Only in Dubai, you can live a different adventure at some strangest incredible worthy-watching places in Dubai. As well known, Dubai is considered the city of records, it has already many outstanding records in architecture, arts, and development.

Gold market:

Gold in Dubai is completely different from elsewhere. You can find 2 unique things about Gold in Dubai: 

First: Gold vending Machine: it’s like ordinary ATM machines all over the world that supplies you with money. But in Dubai, it can give you a gold bar! Those machines are available to the public in some malls. 

Second: Golden designs: while enjoying the famous gold market in Dubai mall, you will be attracted by unique strange designs. I found shoes, masks, a blouse, a baby pacifier, an elegant dress, belt, all are in pure shiny gold! 

The strong and strange gold presentation in Dubai helped a lot to make Dubai the most important market for Gold in the MENA region especially since it plays a double role in tourism and shopping. When visiting Dubai, don’t miss watching that incredible market! 

Gold market one of worthy watching places in Dubai
The gold market one of worth watching places in Dubai

Pets, but! 

One day in my childhood, I got a kitten to look after her and enjoy having a pet friend. I gave her a name, and looked after her. Maybe you already had or have your pet also. Many persons prefer to have a pet. When I hear a word “pet” immediately it comes to my mind many options: a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, or even tortoise. But in Dubai, there are a different world of pets!! You can see a tiger, lion, leopard or cheetah in the front seat with their human friend!! You kidding me!! Do you consider those wild monsters your pet!??? No way! 

If you face this situation one day, don’t try to understand! Just go far. 

Pets, but!!

Cars in Dubai:

Cars in Dubai go to higher benchmark. Many unique brands and models are easily found in Dubai streets. That level affects also cars in governmental service. Can you imagine? Some Police cars there are of Ferrari and Lamborghini models! Anyway, don’t ever think to break rules to enjoy a Ferrari ride for example! I am kidding surely. This gives a predictable idea about level of luxurious cars in Dubai. 

Slow dance with a shark!

In Dubai mall, there is very large aquarium including all details that attract visitors every single day. The extra and very strange detail there is a dance with a shark! You can enjoy watching slow dance scene of a diver and a shark! What a couple!! Anyway, don’t panic! Both are well trained. 

Artificial amazing islands:

Artificial islands in Dubai are really amazing. The designs are very beautiful and expressive. The most famous design there is the palm Island, and earth-like. 

Palm island and earth-like ones

Sky high tennis courts:

I can’t recognize the main point of getting tennis court up to the sky! It’s found in the higher part of Burj Al- Arab in Dubai. Besides being good tennis player, you have to be familiar with heights to play there one day. 

Camels in Dubai:

Camels in Dubai have very important position like many other gulf countries. But in Dubai, you can see a camel in a tour or having his own park place among cars! Also, in camels race, traditional and important annual race, there are robots riding the camels! It’s really worth watching. 

Parking among cars!

Ice café inside the desert:

When you call your friend who lives in Dubai and he tells you that he wears a fur coat and is surrounded by ice, believe him. Although Dubai is a hot area and consists mainly of desert land, there is an ice café that is able to carry you directly to North Pole-like life.

Ice cafe in Dubai.

Actually, I don’t know if there are other wonders in Dubai or not. Whatever, these above-mentioned 8 strangest places in Dubai are very worth watching one or two of them at least.  

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