Amazing benefits of e-Commerce in Dubai

E-commerce is a very common term nowadays, starting from the ninetieth of the last century. Through all those years, E-commerce has developed to Unprecedented levels. There are stations for that development, the most important and recent station is the COVID-19 pandemic period. E-commerce becomes more and more preferable to customers all over the world. 

E-commerce in Dubai.

E-commerce in the Middle East

By focusing on Saudi Arabia and UAE, you can simply cover almost 75% of E-commerce in the Middle East according to sales. E-commerce in Dubai and the whole UAE is considered the most rapidly growing in the last few years among all MENA region countries. That incredible growth is enhanced mainly by recent technology, very updating infrastructure, easy procedures to establish your E-business, and an increasing number of customers who prefer purchasing online. 

During COVID-19 and then, Almost all services are digitalized somehow in UAE. 

How to benefit from E-commerce in Dubai!?

E-commerce in Dubai is highly attractive for business owners, this astonishing geographical location and easy procedures to set up your business make Dubai the perfect choice for any business owner. It’s pretty easier coming into the E-commerce world. That empowers Dubai’s position as a major e-commerce hub in the MENA region. 

It’s predicted to achieve a growth ratio of up to 19% by 2024 and more growth in the coming years. Online retail sales didn’t stop during the COVID-19 pandemic increased the awareness level of E-commerce. You can sell your products in many countries while you stay at your office in Dubai as simple as you can imagine. 

Simple 4 Steps to start your E-business in Dubai

  • First, you have to get your license that known as the “Merchant License in Dubai”, it’s created electronically by setting up an account and then registering on the merchant website. This license offers many commercial privileges that will help you a lot in achieving profits faster and safely. Masar Al Ameen Group is a start-up company that could help you, indeed, with the whole process.
  • Focus on making your E-store obvious in offering products or services, easy in the purchasing process, and offering a help center for customers’ services. 
  • Be aware of rules and commercial law regarding E-commerce in Dubai.
  • A strong applicable responsive system is a must to run your business in a smart way. 

That’s it! Congratulations, You did it! 

4 Steps to start your E-business in Dubai

On the other hand: Being a customer, you are going to live a good experience when you purchase any products from E-stores in UAE. Fast delivery services are on top of the benefits. So, you will enjoy E-commerce in Dubai either being a customer or business owner. 

Other benefits of starting your E-business in Dubai

  • It’s predicted to reach up to 4 trillion dollars as a net growth through the period from 2020 to 2025 from digital operations including online products or services. 
  • The non-stoppable developing field that can evolve more and more. Can you imagine that number of electronic trading licenses registered by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi for the year 2020 amounted to approximately 2388 licenses! Only year 2020! 
  • The easiest way to start, plus the highest level of net profits. It’s the way of wealth literally. 
  • Dubai is the perfect place to present a lot of successful examples that will encourage and help you surely to be as successful as them. 
  • You can get extra benefits by using a mainland license which offers the freedom to trade or sell your products and services straight to the local market.  

Now, I am sure that you made an online transaction or purchased an online product, or got an e-service at least once in your last years, and you will do more in the coming years, simply because me, you, and everyone is now a part of the digital world. So, it’s time to think seriously about E-commerce especially if you are a business owner or intend to start your own. 


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