7 best activities to do in leisure time in Dubai

When you have leisure time in Dubai, you need an idea or activity to do for spending good leisure time. Whether you are just visiting or plan to live here permanently, Dubai’s long list of leisure activities effortlessly portrays why the city is one of the world’s top global destinations.

At one stage, Dubai was unheard of in the international tourism and real estate market. Yet these days, foreigners flock from around the world to discover this glamour, leisure, and pleasure destination on every corner. Some just holiday here, while others retire to enjoy leisure and pleasure attractions on their doorstep every day of the week. And Dubai does not disappoint. After all, play and fun are what Dubai excels at.

Activities to do in leisure time in Dubai:

  • Spend time in the Spa
  • Visit Beach
  • Visit Burj Khalifa
  • Shopping
  • Ski Dubai
  • Desert Safari Activities
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts

Spend Time in Spa

When you are free and you have leisure time but you have nothing to do. So one of the best ideas to spend that leisure time at a spa. After having a hustling routing of the days and week, you need some time for self-pampering. And the spa is a great idea to perform in your leisure time.

Spa offers various kinds of activities that helps you pamper yourself and helps you recharge and rejuvenate yourself. Spending leisure time in the spa is having quality time for you. It’s not about wasting your leisure time but all about your care. So the best idea to spend your leisure time or having an activity in leisure time in Dubai is Spa. Check out how to set up your own spa business in Dubai.

Visit Beach

Another great option to spend your leisure time is going to a beach. Long coastline of Dubai offers many beaches with white sands and crystal blue waters, that attract tourists, expats, and locals every winter and summer who are attracted by the sun and sand. Dubai beaches are known for their beauty as well as the amazing hotels and resorts that are situated right next to them.

Going to the beach at your leisure time is proven a quality time for you as the beaches of Dubai are according to everyone’s taste and choice. The people who love natural phenomenons and the sun, and love to spend time with nature, so its a best idea to spend your leisure time in Dubai at the beach.

Visit Burj Khalifa

Human nature loves to explore new things in life. Therefore, whether you are a permanent resident of Dubai or whether you have come as a tourist there in Dubai, so visiting Burj Khalifa in your leisure time in Dubai is one of the exquisite ideas.

Burj Khalifa is a man-made, beautiful, and one of the tallest building of the world. Everyone excites to visit it and not just for one time rather again and again. It has various apartments, hotels, and offices in it. This building is made up on the old Islamic Arabic design. And it is loved by everyone around the world. Therefore it is a world-famous building. It allows to view the scenes of Dubai by 360 degree view from its 124th floor and there are some of the restaurants as well on this floor.


Dubai is well-known destination for shopping all around the world. Therefore, it has became a world famous trade hub of Middle East. There are various shopping malls that offers a huge variety of stuff including restaurants and shops. Furthermore, there are markets full of Gold that are also a part of shopping hub of Dubai.

So if you are having leisure time in Dubai, you can visit different places in Dubai for shopping. Shopping makes you happy as well as can save you time in your routine. If you are a busy person with a hectic daily or weekly routine then shopping is a good idea to spend your leisure time in Dubai as well as to shopping for your home and for you.

Desert Safari Activities

There are various activities to do in Dubai but an idea of Dessert Safari is a quite good one. Dessert Safaris are one of the best activities to do in Dubai that attracts people from all around the world.

Visiting a desert safari with a jeep, and having the ups and downs of dessert gives you the thrill feeling and fun as well. At some points of the desert safari, the jeep takes you off and allows you to explore the desert safari on your feet. Indeed, one of the very good experiences that I have had with, is new company that offers great memories called Modern Bedouin. Check them out! Truly recommended!

The dessert safari basically represents the beautiful and remarkable Arabic culture that people love to explore. And it is the best idea to spend your leisure time in Dubai.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Apart from other ideas to do during leisure time in Dubai, visiting the Dubai parks and Resorts is a good activity to have quality leisure time. Dubai has multiple parks that are worth visiting. Resorts and Parks are a good decision to visit in Dubai.

Dubai parks and resorts is a project that includes three kinds of parks and resorts:

  • Motiongate Dubai
  • Legoland Dubai
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai

Every kind of park and resort has its own focus of attention and attractions. All of them have specialty at their own and all are specifically for different people having different preferences.

Ski Dubai

Dubai is well-known for it has home to the world’s first indoor ski resort where people can experience the feel of winter having snow there. Ski indoors includes a number of activities therein home such as penguin interactions and snow. Snow is something that people can’t experience at their homes so it is the best of the best ideas for those people who love winter.

And spending your leisure time in Ski Dubai is a kind of having fun. You will definitely enjoy your leisure time in Dubai. Because is a remarkable idea or one of the activities to do in Dubai in your leisure time.

In conclusion, there we have a lot of activities to do in our leisure time in Dubai. It’s about your choice of what you prefer and loves to do in your leisure time in Dubai. However, the above-explained ideas are just remarkable to perform at your leisure as well as a quality time. For further details and queries, contact Masar al Ameen. Best of Luck!

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