A Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Land Department (DLD)

Dubai Land Department (DLD)

Dubai’s real estate market thrives due to exponential growth and unwavering transparency, spearheaded by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

This prominent government entity oversees and regulates all real estate transactions, ensuring customer satisfaction and a secure, transparent experience. 

In this article, we explore the DLD’s services, emphasizing its commitment to customer satisfaction and facilitating a secure real estate journey.

Understanding the Dubai Land Department (DLD)

The Dubai Land Department is a government-run entity that serves as the regulatory authority for real estate trading operations in Dubai.

It is dedicated to providing customers with a highly integrated, transparent, and secure experience throughout their real estate journey.

The DLD was established with the objective of propelling Dubai’s real estate sector on a global scale. It legalizes property sales and purchases, facilitates investment operations, and resolves disputes.

Whether you’re looking to buy a villa or rent an apartment, the DLD ensures that the interests of landlords, tenants, and investors are safeguarded.

Regulatory Arms of the Dubai Land Department

The DLD works in collaboration with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to effectively regulate Dubai’s real estate market.

RERA oversees operations, resolves disputes, and establishes a legal framework for stakeholders in the property investment sector.

By prioritizing the interests of individuals and organizations, RERA ensures a fair and balanced environment.

The Dubai Land Department operates the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center, connecting clients with key players in the market.

This center supports local and overseas investors, promotes sustainable investments, and contributes to Dubai’s green economy goals.

Additionally, the Rental Dispute Settlement Center, as the judicial arm of the DLD, resolves issues within the real estate market.

It ensures impartiality, accuracy, and facilitates efficient dispute resolution for tenants renting villas and apartments in Dubai.

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Key Services Offered by the Dubai Land Department

The Dubai Land Department is committed to meeting the requirements of developers, owners, investors, and tenants, providing them with efficient services. Some of the key services offered by the DLD include:

1. Customer Care: The DLD offers comprehensive customer care services, ranging from validating ownership certificates to supervising properties, ensuring clients receive the best possible assistance.

2. Real Estate Transaction Reports: Regular reports on sale and mortgage transactions are made available, providing a detailed description of the property, the area sold or mortgaged, and the property’s value.

3. Ownership Certificate Validation: Clients can easily validate their ownership certificates by providing the necessary credentials and property details to the Dubai Land Department.

4. Real Estate Management Supervision: The DLD supervises and audits contracts signed by management entities responsible for property cleaning, security, and maintenance.

By fulfilling these duties, the DLD ensures a smooth and hassle-free property ownership experience.

5. Inquiry and Complaints: The DLD offers a platform for developers, owners, investors, and stakeholders to inquire about property-related matters and file complaints in the event of any breach of trust.

6. Education: The DLD’s main objective is to educate clients about significant reforms and real estate policies in Dubai.

The Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) offers various real estate courses in both English and Arabic, providing individuals with practical knowledge about the city’s investment sector.

DLD Online Portals and Applications

Recognizing the importance of technology in today’s world, the Dubai Land Department has developed several smart applications and online portals to enhance convenience for Dubai residents. These include:

1. Smart Investment Map (SIM): The Investment Map Portal, available on both Android and iOS, allows all investors to explore investment opportunities online.

It is an initiative launched by the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre.

2. Mollak System: This web-based payment mechanism facilitates operations related to the sale and purchase of jointly-owned properties in Dubai.

The Mollak system ensures efficiency and transparency throughout the process.

3. eMart: The Dubai Real Estate Market (eMart) is an online system where properties can be listed for sale and auction.

Buyers can browse the listed properties and make online transactions via the integrated payment gateway, noqodi.

4. REST: Developed as part of the ‘Dubai 10X’ project, REST is an app designed to streamline real estate trading and transactional operations.

It facilitates brokerage procedures and offers rental and sale indexes to investors for informed decision-making.

5. Oqood System: The Oqood system was established to ensure transparency in off-plan investment projects.

This online system manages initial sales contract registration and serves as a platform for developers and buyers to interact.

DLD Partnerships

The Dubai Land Department collaborates with a range of local and regional organizations to elevate the standards of real estate operations in the city.

Its partners include approved brokers, developers, certified auditors, escrow agents, licensed real estate broker offices, management companies, real estate service trustee centers, real estate registration trustee centers, survey companies, and valuation companies.

Contacting the Dubai Land Department

To reach out to the Dubai Land Department, you can contact their call center at 800-4488. The call center operates from 07:30 am to 04:30 pm (Monday to Thursday).

The DLD head office, located in the Deira district of Dubai, remains open from 07:30 am to 03:30 pm (Monday to Thursday) and from 07:30 am to 12:00 pm on Fridays.


The Dubai Land Department serves as the custodian of transparency and integrity in Dubai’s real estate sector.

With its wide range of services, efficient online platforms, and commitment to customer care, the DLD ensures that investors, tenants, and homeowners can navigate the real estate market with ease. 

By promoting a secure and transparent environment, the DLD contributes significantly to Dubai’s reputation as a global real estate hub.

For detailed information about the products and services offered by the DLD, please visit their official website.

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