How Dubai will be benefited from the 2022 World Cup?

Dubai will be benefited

This is how Dubai will be benefited from the Qatar 2022 World Cup

According to a Bloomberg report, Dubai will be benefited the most from the estimated Middle Eastern tourism boom in light of Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is planned to begin in November 2022 and last for a month.

The study, a copy of which was seen by “Emirates Today,” said that although more than a million fans are expected to go to Qatar for the World Cup many will not stay there. 

Dubai will be benefited the most from any other tourist site 

It is expected that Dubai will be benefited from the World Cup more than any other tourist destination. With over 90 additional planes arriving in Doha every day and over 40 of them coming from only the United Arab Emirates. According to a report by the Bloomberg Agency, more than a million football fans will be arriving in Qatar, which will help the country’s tourism sector.

Dubai is a place to really go

The report claims that a new hotel that was built on Palm Island has been set aside for visitors who intend to stay in Dubai and take a quick flight to Doha. According to the article, only a ticket will be required for passengers to attend one of the matches, simplifying the travel requirements.

The CEO of Dubai Airports, Paul Griffiths, predicted that a sizable number of travelers will arrive in Dubai during that time because it would be the “main entrance” to the World Cup. Bloomberg reported this information.

According to data recently gathered, all tickets in the Economy Class cabin were totally sold out on 13 of the 22 daily flights that flydubai had scheduled to transport fans from Dubai to Doha so they could attend matches in Qatar on the first day of the World Cup there.

For “match-day flights” between Dubai and Doha in advance of the FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted in Qatar, flydubai has begun taking reservations. In collaboration with Qatar Airways and other national partner airlines from Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the airline will offer flights on match days.

Travel with “Fly Dubai”

Only “fly Dubai” will run a total of 60 flights (round trip) between Dubai and Doha each and every day, 24 hours a day, in both directions, in connection with the FIFA World Cup matches that are scheduled to take place between November 20 and December 18, with an average of 30 flights.

Fans will be flown to Qatar via airplane leaving from important Middle Eastern cities, claims the research. Airlines, hotels, and other hospitality venues would profit as a result. These countries include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.

Matchday trip 

The travelers’ tickets for the Qatar Football Tournament must first have been purchased in order to be eligible for booking on a match day trip to Doha. Fans will be required to submit a passport-sized photo in addition to filling out an application for a “Haya” card, which will serve as their identification card and is required to enter Qatar and attend the stadiums.

Even for passengers without match-day tickets, flights on flydubai between Dubai International Airport and Hamad International Airport will still operate as scheduled at this time.

According to the “Bloomberg” report, Dubai in particular was well-prepared to profit from this since it constructed a new hotel in Palm Jumeirah and allocated it to World Cup visitors who intended to stay in Dubai, depart from it to Doha to watch the tournament matches, and then return again to Palm Jumeirah for an overnight stay out.

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