Top 10 best places for Brunch in Dubai

brunch in Dubai

Brunch in Dubai goes much beyond an egg-based dish and a Mimosa at 11 a.m. Brunch is a true local institution. The most prominent hotels and restaurants in the area start offering packages of limitless food and drink from noon every Friday to attract Dubai’s refined crowd to indulge and let off steam after long workweeks. Weekends in the UAE are defined as falling on Friday and Saturday. Brunch in Dubai is more of a marathon than a sprint, so take your time and taste all the delicacies before you sit down to eat.

1. Maya Mexican kitchen and bar

The Maya Mexican Kitchen might be the best option if you’re seeking a beachside brunch. Maya offers a contemporary take on well-known classic Mexican dishes, under the direction of head chef Richard Sandoval. As part of their breakfast package, guests at the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa get access to both the pool and the beach.

The result is that guests can relax on the private beach or swim in the pool while eating a wide variety of cuisine, like rib-eye steak, fajitas, and lamb chops marinated in Tabasco. Alcoholic beverages can also be made available for a small additional fee. A delicious breakfast with lots of flavorful variety is served by Maya Mexican Kitchen.

2. Jumeirah Al Qasr, Jumeirah

One of the largest Friday brunches in Dubai is served at Jumeirah Al Qasr. The Hide, Arboretum, and Al Hambra are three distinct eateries where visitors can sample the atmosphere. Al Qasr, which translates to “The Palace,” gives an indication of the kind of customer service the hotel seeks to provide. Foods from Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, German, and British cuisine are among the many options available to visitors. An elegant brunch spot with a strong reputation is Al Qasr. For city residents who enjoy brunch, it should be seen.

3. Toro Toro

Toro Toro is the place to go if you want a flavor of Latin America in Dubai. Restaurants as far away as New York, Las Vegas, and now Dubai has benefited from the hospitality and family-style dining of internationally acclaimed Latin chef Richard Sandoval.

Since 2012, he has been serving the all-Latin “Hola Hola Brunch” at Toro Toro, garnering notice and acclaim from many. There are 45 selections for small plates at the Hola Hola Brunch, all of which include classic dishes including guacamole, yucca fries, chorizo, empanadas, beef-stuffed pastries, and crispy calamari. Try to reserve a room for Toro Toro’s mouthwatering churrasco chicken, lamb, or beef.

4. Bubbalicious Brunch

Breathtaking would be a suitable adjective to characterize Westin Mina Seyahi’s Friday “Bubbalicious Brunch.” Almost every meal imaginable is available at Bubbalicious thanks to the combined efforts of the hotel’s three superb in-house restaurants, which is what makes it so exceptional. Blue Orange is in charge of the buffet area and lives cooking demonstrations, delivering anything from Belgian waffles to Arabic mezze and pasta.

The Asian face of the group, Spice Emporium, handles the noodle, sushi, and sashimi meals. The Hunters Room is a classic grill house with beautiful modern decor. Bubbalicious Brunch offers Chinese acrobats, live music, a PlayStation area, a “kids’ section,” and a petting zoo for those who enjoy being entertained while eating brunch. Obviously, such services are not free, but the Bubbalicious Brunch is a must-try event.

5. Besh Turkish Kitchen

Turkish food lovers in Dubai can now enjoy the ultimate brunch. Located at the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates is Besh Turkish Kitchen. Take a seat at the buffet brunch with live entertainment and get your chops around dishes and plates of mezze and mangal grills. Without having to leave the United Arab Emirates, the bustling brunch aims to whisk customers away to the heart of Istanbul.

6. Double Decker

This example is a breath of fresh air if you’ve been under the impression that Dubai is all about trendy and upscale lately. One of the best brunch alternatives in the city at a reasonable price is Double Decker. Double Decker has received praise for its food, drink, sports coverage, and live entertainment while imitating the layout and menu of a British pub.

The Double Decker restaurant has a fantastic brunch buffet that includes dishes that are distinctly British, like roast beef, beef stew, roasted potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding, along with a variety of salads and pasta. Double Decker is the ideal location for groups or couples looking to enjoy a tasty brunch in a casual, placed setting.


Want to reserve a seat at one of Dubai’s top brunches? Arroz nikkei, croquetas, and ceviches are just a few of the culinary highlights of COYA’s outstanding a la carte Latin American brunch, which is served at your table. A delicious dessert tray is included to cap off this fulfilling weekend brunch in Dubai.

8. Amwaj Rotana

The incredible variety of food served during the brunch at the Amwaj Rotana hotel is made possible by the collaboration of three kitchens: Rosso, Benihana, and Horizon. The dishes are based on both Western and Eastern cuisine, so no matter which you choose, you’ll get something delectable. The brunch is set up as à la carte dining rather than a buffet. Several live cooking stations make omelets, shawarmas, and barbecue delicacies right there. Amwaj Rotana is a peaceful, relaxing, and attractive brunch location with a beautiful terrace and fantastic views of the Arabian Gulf. Families are invited, and there are children’s activities and live music performances for adults.

9. Nobu

Nobu has a single focus: Japanese food, in contrast to many of Dubai’s brunch spots, which strive to offer as many options as possible. The renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who chose to serve Japanese cuisine with an Arabian touch in this Dubai branch of his international chain of restaurants, is largely responsible for Nobu’s fame.

For foodies, the “High Brunch” is a genuine treat. Dishes are offered à la carte, and a sushi bar and sake lounge are available. Guests enjoy a genuine family-style eating experience because of the generous and sharing portions. Chicken, yellow tail sashimi with jalapenos, Wagyu beef teriyaki, and crab tacos with wasabi sour cream are a few of the primary brunch items. Fans of desserts may also find something to enjoy with Japanese rice sweets on the menu. 

10. Ripe Market

Dubai’s Ripe Market is the place to go if you want a unique brunch experience. The market is held outside every Friday at Zabeel Park and every Saturday in Al Barsha Pond Park throughout the winter (October to April). The Ripe Market relocates to the Times Square Center indoors during the winter. There are many stalls in the market to browse, with both domestic and foreign companies setting up food and artisan-style treat stands. Take your time, even bring something home for later.

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