How to buy FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets in Dubai

world cup 2022 tickets

There are only a few weeks left till the FIFA World Cup 2022. And what makes it unique is that this will be the first time the event is held in an Arab country! So many football supporters in the UAE plan to travel to the host country because it is a close neighbor and see their preferred teams play live in the stadiums. Fans still have an opportunity to purchase FIFA World Cup tickets for Qatar 2022 through the Last Minute Sales Phase, despite the fact that the first two sales phases have already ended. Sales of tickets are anticipated to begin soon and run till the competition ends.

Football Fans are keen to get their hands on the highly sought-after tickets to the biggest football event in the world now that all 32 teams have been selected and a path to the final has been planned out for the tournament favorites.

So, what are the ticket prices and places for purchase? To participate in the competition, we provide all the information you need.

How to buy FIFA World Cup tickets?

Fans can purchase World Cup tickets through the official FIFA website, but first, they must create an account on FIFA’s ticket portal.

Despite the fact that more than 2.45 million tickets have already been sold, there is an incredibly high demand for FIFA World Cup tickets everywhere. The first and second phases of ticket sales are already over, as was originally reported. Therefore, you can still try your luck with the Last Minute Sales Phase if you wish to purchase FIFA World Cup tickets for Qatar 2022.

FIFA has divided World Cup ticket sales into the following three phases as a result of the extremely high demand.

Phase 1

The first round of World Cup ticket sales started on January 19 and ended on March 19, 2022. This sales phase consisted of a First Come, First Served (FCFS) sales period and a random selection draw sales period.

Phase 2

Phase 2 ticket sales started on April 5 and ran through April 28, 2022. This sales phase consisted of a First Come, First Served (FCFS) sales period and a random selection draw sales period.

Phase 3

The third phase of World Cup ticket sales began on Tuesday, July 5, at 12 p.m. Doha time. The buying of tickets is currently being done on a First Come First Served (FCFS) basis.

The last phase permits fans who haven’t yet purchased their tickets to buy up to six seats for every particular World Cup match. 

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FIFA World Cup 2022 ticket options

You can purchase three different kinds of FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets: individual, team-specific, and four-stadium series. The four-stadium ticket series is for fans who don’t care which teams they see and simply want to enjoy a World Cup match. The individual tickets are self-explanatory.

You can apply for three group stage matches only, three group stage matches and a round of 16 matches, or three group stage matches, a round of 16, a quarter-final, a semi-final, and a final match for team-specific tickets.

Households can apply for up to six tickets per match and up to 60 matches overall to enable fans to take advantage of how near the stadiums are, making it possible to watch several matches in a single day.

FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets price

The average ticket price has increased by 46% since the tournament was hosted in Russia four years ago, making tickets for the World Cup in Qatar generally the most costly yet.

The cost of a FIFA World Cup ticket varies depending on the ticket category, the stage of the tournament, and whether it is for domestic or foreign fans. Tickets start at about AED 40 for those who reside in Qatar, making them more affordable.

The opening match is priced at QR200, while most of the group matches have prices of QR40. The cost of the round of 16 matches is QR70; the semi-finals are QR300; the final is QR750, and the third-place playoff is QR300. Only individual match tickets are eligible for these special prices; ticket series are only eligible for categories from one to three.

You must apply for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets using the portal designed for citizens of Qatar, and you must include your Qatari address as well as your QID number.

Visit to view the complete price list and make reservations.

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