Top 10 yoga centers in Dubai to recommend

Are you Yoga lover?

Have you recently had a difficult time concentrating and focusing on work due to a lack of workout? Or maybe you’re on your vacation searching for a good yoga center to stretch out and relax your muscles?

If this sounds exactly like you, then your search is over now. We have got you covered. 

Here, we are going to show you the yoga centers in Dubai and more.

If you want to take your time to enjoy this exercise that comes with so many great benefits, then read along as you learn everything about Yoga, yoga centers in Dubai, and the benefits of this exercise.

What is Yoga?

According to the English dictionary, Yoga is a fitness exercise in which you move your whole body into diverse positions to improve your breathing and relax your body and mind.

Your life and health could be the best when you get involved in this kind of fitness exercise as it will help to increase your blood flow and relax your muscles too.

You can choose everyday sessions, weekly or every month just to keep in touch with your body fitness, and mind.

Doing this kind of sport is also one of the most recommended ways to improve your health and immune system.

Thankfully the Dubai government has allowed lots of people in this industry to establish their Yoga business centers in Dubai without much stress.

Right now there are a lot of yoga centers in Dubai that teach people who are sick how to improve their health by using this physical exercise and then for those who are healthy to also utilize it to maintain and keep their health fits too.

You too can leverage this ample opportunity, just take a break from your busy routine and book a refreshing Yoga session with a therapist to keep your body fit and flexible.

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How much does a yoga class cost?

Well, Yoga classes in Dubai are very affordable even though you are from the average class, you can afford them.

Accordingly, the classes range from AED50 to AED200 or more, though depending on what you want. You can choose to exercise in groups or go to a private class.

If you choose to have a private session with the yoga therapist, know that the price will be higher than the normal range.

So for a private yoga class, you can budget approximately AED150 or more. 

I know, in your mind right now, you are already thinking of the yoga centers in Dubai where you could spend your vacation to enable your mind and body to get relaxation.

Anyway, worry no more, we have made your search easy for you.

Below are the yoga centers you can go to.

10 trusted yoga centers in Dubai

There are various centers in Dubai where you can get this fitness training activity in the United Arab Emirates but we aren’t going to be able to get all list here, so we have selected the 10 trusted ones for you.

Here they are:

1. Karma yoga studio

2. Sunset yoga center

3. Voyoga studio

4. Zen yoga center

5. Skm yoga studio

6. Define a yoga center

7. Talise Madinat studio

8. Underwater Yoga

9. Seva yoga studio

10. Trident Yoga studio

We shall now examine the above 10 trusted Yoga centers in Dubai one after the other.

1. Karma yoga studio

This is one of the best yoga centers in Dubai. It is located at the heart of Dubai, precisely Marina. The training classes include Hatha, Vinyasa, and more. This may be a perfect choice for you if you want to relax your muscles as it has friendly instructors who are always ready to guide you throughout your training sessions.

2. Sunset Yoga center

This is located at Jumeira Al Qasr. They welcome and offer yoga training for both beginners and advanced. If you want to warm up your muscles and build a strong body, this is the kind of yoga studio to pay a visit to.

3. Voyoga studio

Voyoga studio is also a yoga center in Dubai, you can plan to visit for your body fitness. They offer training such as Swing yoga, Voyoga flow, Hot yoga, etc. Located opposite the Saudi German hospital, Barsha Heights, Dubai.

4. Zen yoga

Zen yoga has 3 branches already in Dubai, and one of the most popular branches is located in Media city Dubai. They offer classes such as yoga, pilates, meditation, and lots more. You will feel good with their friendly treatments.

5. Skm yoga studio

This yoga studio is also located in Barsha, Dubai. They have a nice training environment, design and well organized too. You can opt for this too as it is one of the best yoga centers in Dubai you can ever think of attending their classes.

6. Define a yoga center

If you want to build a strong mind and body, and as well enjoy your stay at any yoga center in Dubai, I think this is an ideal place for you. Their training classes include define bounce, core exercise, and more. It’s located in Silverene Tower and the price is between AED100 for a session.

7. Talise Madinat

This is an amazing place for your yoga practice. It is located in Dubai and the price ranges from AED60 to AED100 per session.

8. Underwater Yoga

This is yet another yoga center in Dubai you can plan to attend. They offer training lessons like the Hatha training and more. Located in Atlantis, Dubai and the price is around AED100 per session.

9. Seva yoga studio

If you need a nice session with a Yoga therapist, you can choose Seva studio as they offer you the best treatment ever and also provides a well-organized space for your training.

10. Trident yoga studio

This is also one of the most trusted yoga centers in Dubai that offer the best treatments for you. It is located at Trident Bayside, Dubai. They hold classes such as Sivananda, Iyenga yoga training, etc. Their price is around AED 60 or more for the hourly rate.

Having stated that, now let’s see the benefits of a Yoga exercise.

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5 amazing benefits of doing a yoga exercise

The benefits are as follows:

1. Helps you to relax and sleep well

Doing this physical and body fitness exercise will help relax your muscles, and body after your busy routines and make you sleep well. 

2. Assists you to fight heart issues

One of the causes of heart disease is excess weight and high blood pressure and you know these two are health issues that can lead to death if proper care is not being taken.

So to avoid any of these life-threatening health issues, you need to keep fit, hence going for this yoga exercise will be a reasonable move to improve and maintain your good health. 

3. Is an aid to both old and young

If you want to be mentally and physically balanced, then yoga exercise is great for people of all ages.

It aims to improve your strength and gives you enough balance and flexibility. And for older adults, it could help you fight back pain and also enable you to feel better from the head to your toes.

4. Supports healing and takes care of the sick body

If you are sick, you can meet and discuss with a yoga therapist to help in specifying the best kind of body movement or exercise that will boost your health. 

5. Reduces depression and anxiety

You can reduce your worries with lifestyle Yogas overnight. It supports the muscles of your brain and whole body to relax as you move in various positions. It also enhances your breathing and gives you sound mental health.


Yoga has been proven to be one of the best physical fitness exercises that encourages the body, soul, and mind to be fit, relax and increase the blood flow and thereby reducing the possibilities of developing any of life’s weird illnesses such as high blood pressure, fatigue, back pain and the rest of them.

Now you have read about and know the trusted Yoga centers in Dubai and the great benefits that followed them, now it’ll be easier for you to locate them and start your training as soon as possible.

But if you need some people to show you around other Yoga centers, you can always contact the best business consultants from Masar AI Ameen – they aim to make sure that things are easy for you to find in Dubai as a foreigner.

Good luck as you build your fitness.

Remember to feel free to comment below if you think there are other yoga centers in Dubai to add to the above list.

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