Super discounted cards and loyalty programs in Dubai (UAE)

Companies and the Loyalty program

It seems that every service place has a loyalty program. Surely you will hear about these kind of programs when you do the shopping. Hypermarkets, clothes shops, restaurants, hotels and many others places offer those kind of loyalty programs. If you live in the UAE, you are familiar with different discount cards. The idea of that amazing offer is letting customers get benefits while they already pay money.

From the name “loyalty” you get the idea; the more you repeat shopping in the same place, the more benefits you will enjoy. That attracts many to think seriously about getting discount card or more than one. Also discount cards help companies and brands to keep their customers loyal and happier as they feel payback and gratitude from the owners. 
The UAE has a great variety of discount cards and loyalty programs, the government encourages that concept by allowing customers to benefit many discount cards from different categories. 

Discount cards
Discount cards

What are good discount cards in the UAE? 

One of most famous cards in UAE is FAZAA card that enables its holder to enjoy a lot of benefits and discounts. FAZAA is one of social initiative programs that is founded by Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior to encourage and support independence and ensure solidarity in the community. Members of FAZAA card can benefit this subscription-based service themselves or even their families. They are allowed to get a lot of benefits that we will mention later.

Types of FAZAA cards

FAZAA card

FAZAA cards have 4 different programs with adding benefits to each following type. They are: 

  • Discount 
  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 

The Platinum type has the greatest number of benefits. 

How can I get the FAZAA card? 

If your company is a member in FAZAA  program, then you can become a member too. Tab on FAZAA website, follow instructions and get your card. Getting FAZAA card offers you: discounts in many places, car rental services, insurance, hotels packages and other different services. 

For example you can enjoy 45% discount in some hotels. Almost 25%  in some tourist places. 15-30% in different shops and stores. Up to 40% in cinemas. This discount card is really amazing. 

Other types of discount cards


There is another famous discount card which is ESAAD card. This card is limited to Concerning Authorities granting. That is why not every one can get ESAAD card. The government gives this card as a kind of awarding like excellent students. The benefits range from basic goods to luxuries offers. 

How to know ESAAD deserving category? 

Dubai police is responsible for determining the way and conditions to give ESAAD discount card. After getting the card from the government, you have to activate it by sending an activation request via the official website then waiting for acceptance and activation. 

To search for benefits of ESAAD card, you can check the ESAAD website, choose the category you are interested in, choose city, add any further chooses you look for like specific product, and see the results. 

Benefits of ESAAD card

  • One of most important offers in ESAAD card is studying discount in universities inside United Arab of Emirates. Besides a lot of offers in hotels and accommodation as general. 
  • The holder of the card and his first degree relatives can enjoy all benefits as well. 
  • Acces to official website that helps a lot to search for offers and updates very smoothly. 
  • Available application for smart phones make reaching the data easier and faster. 

What can I do when I have a question or need help? 

At the website or the application, you can find help center to contact and even make a live chat with official employees. Also you can contact them using this email:, they are highly supportive.  There are some information needed about this important and famous social initiative discount card for 2022 year. 

Cards for cloths stores and restaurants

One of best cards at this category is SHUKRAN card. The word “Shukran” in Arabic means thank you. This name reflects immediately the concept of the card. It’s absolutely referred to loyalty program. This card is available for any customer at many big stores like landmark brand stores all over GULF area and Egypt. It’s so easy to get your card by even one purchase. Anytime you repeat purchases, you get points. After specific amount of points, you can exchange those points by cash and use it in payment. This membership is valid for lifetime, any one of your family and friends can use it. 

Many benefits are waiting for you.

Simple and special cards

Another type of discount cards are very specific to one shop or one restaurant. For example: Starbucks discount cards. You can enjoy your cup of coffee with less money after a while as you get points with every time you pay one. Then you can exchange points with cash and use it in payment. By the way, any points you have can only be exchanged by cash for same place usage, you can’t get cash to use elsewhere. 

You can enjoy more than ten extra cards with numerous offers and benefits. This kind of cards are very interesting and practical especially for recurrent usage. The feeling to get money back while you spend money is really incredible. Don’t miss that experience!

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