New Year’s celebrations in Dubai for foreigners

New Year’s celebrations in Dubai have always been observed in a grand style and for this reason, many people from other countries flock to this great city over New Year’s period due to so many other reasons. It could be, to enjoy the warm weather over here, have fun watching the New Year’s shows, or even start a new life.

But, whichever one you have in mind, know that Dubai is blessed with cool weather, a conducive environment, friendly people with lots of entertainment during the New Year’s period.

So if you are a newcomer in Dubai who wish to know what the New Year’s celebrations in Dubai for foreigners look like, then we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will learn about New Year’s celebrations in Dubai and we’re also going to show you why Dubai is the right place for you, as a foreigner during this festive period.

Just stick around as you read and learn all.

10 amazing events for the best New Year’s celebrations in Dubai experience

If you want to enjoy your stay and have lots of fun during New Year’s time in Dubai, then read the best ways you can honor the New Year over there.

Here they are:

  1. Take a Yacht Tour
  2. Attend Dubai Shopping Festivals
  3. Visit the Gala Dinner at New Year’s events
  4. Go to Dubai Marina
  5. Enjoy culinary delights in Plethora
  6. Go to the Dubai Mall
  7. Pay a visit to Dubai Global Village
  8. Take a stroll through the city
  9. Visit the happening beaches
  10. Attend New Year’s parties in clubs

Having listed them, now let’s examine these locations one at a time for more clarity.

Take a Yacht Tour

If you are a foreigner living in Dubai, taking a yacht tour is one of the things you can enjoy doing during the New Year’s period in Dubai.

One of the most luxurious yachts in Dubai is the majesty yacht with 48ft. It’s made of eye-catching outer painting which sets it apart from the rest of the other yacht models in its range. This particular yacht also has a fresh, modern inner design, a large flybridge, and a social cockpit area. It can comfortably be hired for your tour in the city as it has been designed to invite first-time yacht users by meeting their conditions and accommodating them. The Majesty 48 offers ample onboard accommodation for steady family trips. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and well-concealed crew accommodation, with a kitchen area and fly-bridge that is capable of seating 10 people.

And guess what? The fly-bridge also features a steering helm so that as you are controlling the yacht, you can as well spend time with guests.

Attend Dubai Shopping Festivals

Dubai Shopping Festival is another amazing place to visit during New Year’s in Dubai for foreigners like you. According to the current report, this New Year’s Dubai Shopping Festival will start to run from Thursday, December 15th up till Sunday, January 29, 2023. It’s stated that Dubai will have almost 46 days of daily fireworks during the Dubai Shopping Festival, so you can decide to attend this year to catch fun watching the fireworks shows at Burj AI Arab, Dubai Frame, Blue Waters, and more between the time of 8:30 pm and 9 pm daily.

Visit the Gala Dinner at New Year’s events

The Gala dinner event is another great place to bring in the New Year’s celebrations in Dubai. Fireworks start at 8 pm on every hour building up for the big grand finale at noon.

There are always moderately cool sound systems, bands, and live shows playing too, so you are sure not to get bored watching. This event has food and drinks as well which you can enjoy outside of fireworks displays for great views. Entry is affordable and it starts at 7 pm and ends at 9 pm.

Go to Dubai Marina

Another great reason to spend New Year in Dubai as a foreigner may be to spend some nights in Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Marina’s spectacular view is incredible at night, with the lit-up skyscrapers looming across the water, and lots of beautiful boats and yachts hovering around the area. So to think of it, it’s even better on New Year’s Eve as there are various spots around the Marina showing firework displays, Marina parties, etc going on there which you’re free to attend too with restaurants and bars.

You can book a Dhow Cruise and have a party on the boat or decide to spend the night in affordable hotels around the area to have more fun and celebrate this New Year’s period.

Enjoy culinary delights in Dubai

If you want to make the New Year festive exceptional, you can do just that with a Plethora of culinary delights at award-winning venues, with live show entertainment, and much more.

And besides, there will be drone shows, family brunches, and fireworks displays. This is one of the things done during the New Year in Dubai, you can go and enjoy, as a foreigner.

Go to the Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is also an excellent center close to where you can pack all your favorite drinks and foods as you are planning to take an evening walk during the New Year’s period in Dubai.

Many people book this location for shopping for the items they need, hence if you’re visiting Dubai during this New Year’s period, this is one of the best locations you are going to be spoilt for choice on much nice stuff to buy.

Pay a visit to Dubai Global Village

If you are planning for something unique and economical, you should try paying a visit to Dubai’s Global village.

This is one of the nicest and most decent spots if you wish to have a family outing or spend some time out with your loved one on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. The Entry fee is just AED15.

It hosts many different firework shows across the evening and one of the plus sides to spending your New Year here is that there are shows for the little kids and fairground rides to keep them entertained.

Take a stroll through the city

New Year’s period in Dubai wouldn’t be fun and complete without you seeing the beautiful views of the city. As a newcomer in Dubai, the New Year should be the right time for you to walk around the city to behold the sparkles of the sky, observe the BlueWaters at night, and sit down and watch the spectacular live firework show.

Visit the happening beaches

Visiting the beach is another thing you can’t think of missing during New Year’s in Dubai.

The beach is conveniently located in the middle of both the Atlantis and Burj Khalifa. However, try and make sure you get to take a glance from the top to see a prime spot of the fireworks, you will find it amazing viewing the firework from the top. During this festive period, there are no charges involved, so you can have lots of fun and feel excited spending your time around the cool beach.

Attend New Year’s parties in clubs

Not wanting to face the crowds? Don’t worry. There are several nightclubs set up for people like you across downtown Dubai. Dubai has a wild range of clubs, so there is a massive option to choose from the numerous ones you could attend to enjoy your New Year’s parties there.

There is the Barasti club, Black Dubai club, and the Billionaire Mansion club amongst others. But in this article, we recommend you go to the Billionaire club. This club has different dinners, and unending live shows with international DJs such as Bob Sinclar, Jason Derulo, Jaden Smith, etc, and bars, and full-on clubbing are all available for a foreigner like you.


Dubai is one of the most accommodated cities in the world. It has a beautiful and eye-catching setting you can’t afford to ever miss during the festive season like the New Year.

Having read about the fantastic places and alternative things to do during the New Year’s period in Dubai for foreigners, we hope the information here widened your knowledge of the benefits and fun you gain during this remarkable festive period in Dubai.

If you haven’t decided on your New Year plan yet, with the information here you can begin doing so.

As a foreigner, if you need someone to show you around and make your New Year stay in Dubai more fun, you can check on Masar AI Ameen – they are budget-friendly life and business set-up company to help make it easier for you.

Happy reading from our website! We wish you all the best this season.

And please ensure to drop your ideas in the comment section below if there are other things you wish to recommend.

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